Inner Thigh Liposuction

Inner thigh liposuction is performed on patients who are looking to achieve a smart space or gap between their thighs. In the absence of this gap, the thighs constantly rub together which can be uncomfortable, and may not be aesthetically appealing. With liposuction, the excess fat is suctioned out from the thighs, creating the desired space between thighs.

Reviews from the Community

Artistic Lipo - Tampa, FL

I went to the Dr. to have a inner thigh lipo done, he looked at me and explained what he could do for me. No one every took the time to show me the body I had hiding under the fat. The difference... for me was that my new body was sculpted not just Lipo out the fat.

Dr. S really takes the time to change your shape to it's best possible form. I was in shock when I stood up after the READ MORE

Abdominal Area, Flanks, Thighs and Hips - Novi, MI

Added 1 month pics! Still a bit sore in my inner thigh area but for the most part almost all better. Back to the gym and eating right! Some days I feel like it was a waste of money and other days I feel good about it. I' still need more time to decide I guess..lmk what you think :) READ MORE

Here I Go Again! - Florida, FL

tuck I find a few lumps and bulges I cant stand. I have gained 7lbs since tuck and now I want it gone. I just need to smooth out some inner thigh, hips, and sides to contour the new tummy. I was on READ MORE

Liposuction to Inner Thighs & Cellulaze - Australia, AU

results from my first liposuction procedure two years ago. Three weeks now. Starting to see an inner thigh gap! I went for my first proper walk today. Can't wait until I get back into exercise! I am still... helped. My inner thighs are very swollen. In particular the right inner thigh bulges out and creates a sort of fold near the buttocks (as per the photo). Probably not the best explanation, but you can... help. It's 18 days (just over two weeks) since my operation. I am not taking any pain medication any more and am slowly starting to exercise. I am still swollen and the bulge on my right inner thigh is... inner thigh gap and decrease the amount of cellulite I have. My cellulite seems a bit better. I will post updated photos in the next few days, although it's hard to capture cellulite. I'm actually about... fell like it has all gone on my hips and back. Overall I'm happy with my results. I have an inner thigh gap! Wahoo! I haven't really seen much change in the cellulite, but I didn't expect to until READ MORE

Bad, Bad, Bad ... Unevenness, Sagging, Scarring, Etc - Cherry Hill, NJ

He ruined my body. I am worse off for letting him work on me :(

One year ago (3/11) I had plastic surgery – lipo to flanks, abdomen, inner thigh, hip area and buttocks (unconsented....  I previously had lipo 8 years ago and wanted only to have a little fat removed from the inner thigh, however, Dr. Back told me that the areas I have done before should all be touched up. ...) performed by Dr. Lyle Back of Cherry Hill, NJ.  Immediately I noticed irregularities – too much fat taken out on left side of body (flanks, butt and inner thigh) compared to right.  Also... other surgical sites.  I also have daily pain at the lymph area next to the surgical site at the right inner thigh site. 

I never consented to have any fat removed from my buttocks... his gross negligence? 

Not only was the liposuction disastrous, leaving me with a deformed buttocks which cannot be fixed, along with the need for additional lipo to my abs and flanks, but READ MORE

39 Years Old , 4 Kids

I got lipo inner thigh, arms , and tummy .. I feel wonderful , still healing, but not bad at all , if I had to do it again I will.. Very nice people , DR Katherine , WHAT CAN I Say : but she's great READ MORE

Abdominal Lipo, Flanks, Inner Thigh - Houston, TX

looking foward to my first lymphatic massage in 2 weeks. I walked a mile took me 35 min.. still have weeping in my inner thigh. The itching has subsided.
today was my last day for my ABX... clean here are some pics I couldn't give a good back shot or inner thigh. But here's what I have so far Im concerned..i cant tell if he got enough off or if its swelling i see..maybe im over reacting... blemishes left at entry points. The bruises and scaring all gone thx to Arnica. Im so happy so far. Next appt in a month! I was given the ok to continue walking..Still tender with the inner thigh but READ MORE

Inner Thigh Liposuction - Austell, GA

thighs and my surgeon did a wonderful job! He created a great contour along the muscle line on my inner thigh that looks amazing after it healed up. I am super happy with the results ans would...

I had liposuction on my inner thighs as part of a revision surgery from a bilateral mastectomy (which he also did amazing work on). I just needed a very small amount of fat removed from my inner READ MORE

Tummy Tuck and Inner Thigh Lipo - Irving, TX

other, but I love looking at myself and not seeing that saggy tummy! I also did an inner thigh lipo. This is 1 month PO now. Inner thighs still hurt, and tummy does too. Went back to a desk job on my.... Everyday I've been brushing on my scarguard 2 x a day and praying the scar will fade. It's there. Nonetheless, soo worth it. My inner thigh lipo I've not seen radical results. They weren't READ MORE

Inner Thighs: Smart Lipo - Tampa, FL

Lipo should absolutely be used as a last resort, it is not a weight loss tool. I did it because even with working out 5-6 times a week, the inner thigh fat just wasnt going away. I have pretty READ MORE

botched lipo job, twice - Raleigh, NC

difference I saw was that I did loose like 2 inches in my waist but my shape was still the same, he didn't smooth or shape anything and left a lump in my inner thigh (guess he missed it) and a dent... he seemed irritated, he drew on the wrong spot and I pointed out that the lump was further up. He said, 'I know what I'm doing.' After the surgery I was left not only with a lump in my inner thigh but...I was 29 when I got lipo done, I wasn't overweight but have 2 kids so there was just some areas that needed help. I had my lower abdomen, posterior and lateral flanks, and inner thighs done. The only READ MORE

Arm Lipo Recovery Questions PLEASE HELP Los Angeles, CA

Getting Lipo to arms, bra fat, outer thigh, inner thigh, medial knees and flanks.
There is not a lot of info on arm lipo recovery. I will be spending the first night in an aftercare facility READ MORE

Liposuction: I Am Not Better off

, with an excellent reputation, and had even been head of plastics at a local medical college. He got rid of those inner thigh lumps, but my skin kind of "fell" as a result. It looks sort...

I had liposuction four years ago, when I was 35. I am 5'4" and weigh about 145, which is borderline overweight. I have always stored fat in my thighs, plus my thighs are short, so I was... perpetually unhappy with them. But what made me want liposuction for years were my upper thighs in particular. They were really large and flabby, with pockets of fat on the inside that rubbed against each... considered, I am very sorry I had liposuction and would not do it again. I have to live with this lumpy skin and scars forever now, and I wish I just had to live with the original big thighs that God gave me READ MORE

Liposuction Pics - San Antonio, TX

I have not had the procedure yet my problem areas are my tummy and inner thigh areas not sure what the best option would be for me.weightloss has been difficult no success hopefully lipo would give... better results. Submitted two pics did not know how two grey out personal areas sorry.if any recmds plz let me know.

Added Before Lipo Pics

This pics show closer side view of abdominal areas.


Liposuction-Tummy Tuck

bigger than the left and now the left inner thigh is starting to sag.Also my belly button is not centered. Please make sure you read the contract befor you decide to sign my contract does not cover revised surgery....I had a tummy tuck and lipo on my hips, flanks and inner thighes. Although the tummy tuck went fairly well the lipo went really wrong.One hip is way bigger than the other and my right thigh is 2 in READ MORE

I'm petite and short my weight pre lipo was 115. - SmartLipo - Fall River, MA

minor lumps were on my left inner thighs.
After seeing my dr. I started celluderm 2x's a week. This help tremendously with the lumps. Just had my 5 wks checkup today. My new weight is 105. I'm feeling great with the results and healing process. My lumps on my inner thigh are gone....After going thur 5 pregnancies and I wanted to get my body back to pre kids. I'm petite and short my weight pre lipo was 115.
I had my back, sides, abs, and inner thighs done.
The Day of READ MORE

In Pain Inner Thigh 18 Days Post Op

days since my surgery. Last night, my left inner thigh began to hurt. It feels hard in some small areas along with very tender skin. Could this be a hematoma? Will I need to get this drained? Can I massage the area to help with whatever is going on?


I had Liposuction on inner thighs, flanks, and abdominoplasty . It has been 18 READ MORE

Liposuction Deformed my Body - Chicago, IL

and bumps on both my outer and inner thighs. The doctor I went to did some fat grafting, outer thigh area was partially resolved. Inner thigh, became worse. Groove around my buttocks was never fixed.

I plan to make one more attempt to fix what went wrong.


I went for a lipo... doctor suggested I have my inner and outer thighs lipoed. I was mainly concerned with my stomach and fat accumulated on my back. I had no idea that there could be possibilites... loose skin around my belly, one more thing, spider veins (apparently a side effect).

Today I have spent another 30,000 US dollars trying to fix my lipo deformities. I had serious lumpiness READ MORE

Extreme Pain for Extreme Time. Hate Results

; Complete and Total LIE. Excrutiatig pain for more than six weeks. Still painful and discomfort after 7 weeks. Swollen past 10 weeks and still uncomfortable. Still extreme pain on inner thigh... where...

Had lipo stomach inner thighs and hip rolls. The doctor gave No indication as to the amount of time I would be in excrutiating pain.

He also said "like a hard work Out" READ MORE

Not Worth the Money or Recovery Time - Philadelphia, PA

I lost significant weight and had some loose skin on my thighs. I went into the doctor asking for an inner thigh lift and he suggested SlimLipo but only the laser part for the skin tightening. He... exercise until after the 6th week.

However I still have pain, and swelling. The lumps on my inner thighs and knees are still substantial and now I have dimpling on my inner thigh where I didn READ MORE