High Profile Breast Implants

High profile breast implants are used to give the breasts an outward thrust giving the shape a more full and firm look. High profile breast implants have a smaller base, which forces the implant to shift its volume outward. When the implant is placed in the breast, this outward shift transfers to the breast making it look more firm. High profile breast implants are sought to improve the cup size, instead of a rounder look.

Reviews from the Community

Yay for Boobies 6/4/12 - Newport Beach, CA

Getting excited for my new boobies on June 4, 2012. I'm currently a 34a and chose to go with 425cc high profile saline implant placed through the nipple. I'm hoping to get a full C small D cup.


High Profile or Moderate Plus - San Jose, CA

im 5'6 140 lbs and cannot decide to go high profile or moderate plus! My surgery is next month and I've decided to go saline 450 ccs but my last confusion is whether to go high profile or moderate plus! Please help!


Breast Augmentation Silicon Textured Implants

I just went trough a breast aumgenation. I have Mentor silicon high profile texturized implnats. 350 CC's.  My surgery took place almost three weeks ago, but I am worried about the results, as my breast are too high.


"43 Yrs Old, Breastfeed 3 Kids, AAA, DREAM Come True" - Honolulu, HI

it costs a lot of money. Boy, was it worth the wait....checkmark this off my bucket list. Really LOVE my girls!
Textured round, high profile, silicone, 485cc Height: 5'5'
Weight: 120...-130
Age: 43
Before: 34AAA
After: 34D
textured round silicone, high profile, under the muscle, incision around areola, 485cc...I have always wanted to do my breasts (from high school) but wanted to wait until I was done having kids. The reason being...didn't want to have to do a breast lift later after breastfeeding because READ MORE

Saline with Dr Ortega - Miami, FL

a full D. I chose saline high profile implants due to asymmetry that needs to be fixed. Approximately 80cc in difference. READ MORE

Wrong Implants - Houston, TX

I have carefully chosen 500CCs on a moderate plus gel (gummy bears), however when I received my id card it stated HIGH PROFILE. I am at a loss! That is not what I wanted, never even talked about... high profile with my dr yet the wrong implant was placed. It has only been 3 weeks and I have received a very unsatisfied answer from them.

I am 5'9", 145. What should I do??? Leave READ MORE


plan on going in to surgery on March 19, 2015! I'm getting 300 cc's textured silicone high profile implants placed under the muscle. I'm about two weeks away from surgery and my Ps and I decided on 300... cc's textured high profile silicone implants. Does this sound like the right thing to go with? I'm 5'9 130 pounds and athletic. I want the natural look....I am young, yes, but I have wanted breast implants since I was a freshmen in Highschool. I already had my pre op and it went very well. I am athletic and have been playing sports my entire life I READ MORE

Tiny Build but Wide Chest/gap, 11cm Breast Diameter for Each Implant, Anyone Been in my Position.. - Southampton

/>Decision is, stick to a moderate plus type implant like I have now, but lot bigger or high profile, but worried how I'll look with high profile?
I know I'll always have a gap, but I look flat in a bikini still after £4000 + ???? READ MORE

550cc High Profile Silicone - Miami, FL

I wish he would have spent more time with me and explain to me better that my chest would not look they way I wanted right away. My chest are very high up on my chest and I got 550 cc high profile silicone and they don't look big at all tho I wanted them too however I'm still wating too see final result READ MORE

27 Years Old, 2 Children, Wanted for 7 Years - Knoxville, TN

I am so excited to have done this for myself. Worth every penny! I have 400cc High Profile Mentor Memory Gel Silicone. I am now 5 weeks post op. 2 weeks ago I could've sworn I looked smaller as my READ MORE

PS Changed Discussed Implant Type During Procedure

Prior to BA, I was a 34B with my left breast not filling out as much. I didn't really want High Profile but my PS and his nurse talked me into it. I'm 5'7 145pounds and am very athletic. We decided... on 500-550cc. After I woke up, my Mentor BA card states I got ultra high profile 650cc under the muscle on both sides. I was under the assumption my right would be bigger since there was such a size... difference before. At my first day post op appt I was too out of it to bring it up but I'm furious. I hardly wanted the high profile in the first place. How long until I heal can I go back and get this changed or did my PS have a good reason behind it? READ MORE

21 Yr Old Went from B Cup to Full C 360 Cc - Miami, FL

small b to full c and got 360 cc round high profile saline. I would recommend this place to anyone wanting breast augmentation :) READ MORE

BA with Lipo - Brandon, FL

I had a BA on 5/30/12 with vaser lipo on hips, flanks, and abdomen. Going back for follow up next Tuesday 6/4/12.
I chose Natrelle silicone High Profile 550 cc's under the muscle. Implants READ MORE

22 Hp 400cc - Birmingham, GB

Best thing ive ever done. Mr A.Lahiri highly recommend did a great job started off not even an 34 A Cup now wearing 34 DD. High profile 400cc overs. Originally was going to have 350s but decided on bigger. Mr Lahiri wouldnt let me have a size what would look unnatural. So pleased with everything done READ MORE

Mother/Daughter Breast Augmentation - Gainesville, FL

After breastfeeding 2 children, I wanted to have breast implants. I went from a 34A to a 34DD. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my high profile breast implants. My daughter went in for the same procedure and READ MORE

I had 350 cc high profile silicone implants - Silicone Breast Augmentation - Los Angeles, CA

I had 350 cc high profile silicone implants placed under the muscle about 1 month ago. They have dropped into place nicely. The symmetry is very nice, and the size is the right fit for my body. Dr READ MORE

Great Surgeon - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was a B cub and decided I wanted to be a small D. Recovery was about 2 weeks. Everyone thinks my breasts are real, they look wonderful. 300cc high profile silicon.


Bye Bye Mommy Boobs - Florida

I am currently two, almost three days post op. I received a saline high profile implant filled to 550cc's in my right breast through an areolar inscision. This was my naturally larger breast and... easiest of the two. My left breast was significantly smaller. The crease was lowered and I received a high profile saline implant filled to 675cc's. I think that once the left breast is no longer swollen and the right breast falls, I will have a lovely set. Opinions?


2 Weeks Post Op: I Look Flat - Blufton, SC

I had old saline implants removed from the tissue after 11 years and 330cc high profile saline put in behind the muscle and they look flat like pancakes, I appear flatchested in my clothes. Is this normal?


Big Expectations - Indianapolis, IN

31 Year old mother of 1... Breastfed for 2 years, loved every minute of it... 5'2" 98 Lbs... Going with 360cc extra high profile silicone unders, armpit incision... Anxiously awaiting surgery day... 22 Days and counting...