Flank Liposuction

The flank is the part of the body that starts with the lower ribs, just below the bra line and ends at the top of the hips. Flank liposuction is routinely performed on patients that complain about the excess fat that has been accumulated due to incorrect wear of bra, pregnancy or weight gain. Flank liposuction can be performed alone, or as part of the whole body contouring procedure, to achieve a more proportioned, thinner look.

Reviews from the Community

31, Married 2 Kids and I Have a Pop Belly!!! I Am Ready to Get my Sexy Back - Warner Robins, GA

lower abdomen done and my flanks as well. Hopefully he can give me a small curve on my sides....I hope the cost want be over $3500 but we will see
I am in t Well guys I went for my consultation... today. It went very well. I was hoping my price was going to be lower but it not. My price is for full abdomen, flanks and lower back.
$5400...I am thinking about having it done at the end of May. I have to save a little bit more, but I am still excited???? READ MORE

Brazillian Butt Lift and Liposuction

So, last year December of 2014 I had a brazillian butt lift. I combined it with liposuction from my Abdomen, flanks, and back. Up to this date I have lower back pain when I lay on my back or when I READ MORE

Contemplated Lipo for years, Finally doing it!- Wauwatosa, WI

I had my consult with Dr. Ken Dembny this week and my procedure is scheduled for next Friday, May 8th, 2015. I am having liposuction on my back, abs, flanks, and inner thighs. He was very thorough in READ MORE

Worth It! - lipo on my back, flanks, hips, and tummy (also that fat under your bra) - Merrillville, IN

I had my procedure up north where i live. I had lipo on my back, flanks, hips, and tummy (also that fat under your bra). It's horroble the 1st 2 days, but after its just getting rest and i iced alot READ MORE

Liposuction of Lower Abdomen and Flanks

I had liposuction of my lower abdomen and flanks. Results look good after 3 weeks, and all bruising has disappeared. There is still a fair amount of swelling..., which I expect will continue to go down over the coming weeks.

A few weeks ago, I had liposuction performed on my lower abdomen and flanks. I believe the compression garment was too tight. At my READ MORE

21 Years Old, Lipo on Abdomen and Flanks - New York, NY

So I'm really doing it! I choose my surgery day to the first week of August. Im getting this 'boxy/square' stomach gone forever With liposuction on my abdomen and flanks :) I'm so anxious at this READ MORE

Lipo on Stomach

I had Lipo on my stomach and Flanks a week ago.It has been very painful....black and blue,swollen...Just went to Dr,and he said I am severly swollen,and I must massage all areas,but it is so painful....any thought on what I should do?


Lipo Worked Great - Fat transfer modest results in the end

I'm going to put up pictures and edit this post later.

I had lipo done on my lower abdomen, flanks, and sides. I really like the new shape. I have more of an hour glass figure and my bum... uneven areas :) My flanks still hurt:( I only notice it if I run.

So... Two months after lipo and I don't want to gain weight again. I have been doing a lot of walking. I'll edit at the end... going to put up pictures and edit this post later. I had lipo done on my lower abdomen, flanks, and sides, I really like the new shape. I have more of an hour glass figure and my bum looks better with... looks better with the fat from my flanks reduced. It has been two months and my scars are hard to find (the ones I can still find that is). My body is perfectly smooth without bumps or any weird... of June and maybe by then they will be completely better. I also kind of wish more was removed from my lower abdomen but the amount there is healthy looking. I did the lipo in order to do a fat READ MORE

Kenneth Hughes Lipo&Rhinoplasty Review. Have Results but Not Satisfied - Culver City, CA

) abs, but he said he would remove equal amount, otherwise it would look ugly, and now i wish i insisted on removing more. my arms were not greatly reduced in size, and he left bumps on my flanks... bump on one side.
i might have put some weight so the pictures won`t show much, but i can provide pictures of my nose and flanks. not satisfied with the shape of my thighs and bumpiness of my... butt/flanks(looks square, not smooth)
i`m sure he would do a better job if i discussed every little detail and do the marking photo that i was doing my inner thighs, just the upper part READ MORE

27 and It is on my Mind Every Day! New York, NY

plastic board certified plastic surgeon, besides Dr. Diktaban ? I want lipo on my upper buttocks, flanks, and ABD. Thank you! READ MORE

Lipo on Flanks, Back, and Tummy...WASTE OF MONEY!! - West Orange, NJ

Because I had a tummy tuck and needed my flanks/love handles contoured to achieve a coke bottle figure, yet i was left looking like a gallon of milk (well not literally)LOL! I may try again, But i want a great surgeon who WILL NOT RUSH WITH MY PROCEDURE.


Doing This Me - Louisville, KY

Hi RS I am 39 years old with 3 children (23,15, and 4) and married to a wonderful man. I am having lipo of my upper and lower abs, flanks, posterior flanks, bra roll and hip rolls. I am so ready... since I done having children. I had lipo done about 8 years ago thing I was done having children, but I meet my husband and decided to give him his first child. So after I had my daughter I have put on 50 pounds. READ MORE

Mommy Makeover - Chicago, Il

I am 32 years old with three children ages 8, 6, and 1. I really hate my breast, stomach and back rolls. I want natural looking breast with silicon breast augmentation, lipo of the abdominal, full... back, flanks, waist and a BBL. I really would like to get a tummy tuck but I can afford the 14 day down time. READ MORE

Lipo Swelling is the Worst Part! - Newport Beach, CA

Hi! So I love real self and I'm a huge fan of all the support that is given when people feel their lowest and most vulnerable. Well thats where I am...I had lipo of the abdomen and flanks 3 weeks ago... and I look only slightly different. .. the day after I looked perfect... (Toot toot!) Now I'm starting to second guess if it was a trick mirror because I only look slightly different than pre lipo.... He removed 1.5 liters and I'm a smaller girl so he said he took out 'a lot'. Is that true? When will I look like I did immediately after? I was stitched up, btw. My flanks look exactly the same as pre... lipo and I am so disappointed every time I look, but they feel strangley watery and jiggly like it's not fat. How swollen should I be 3 weeks out/closed incision? READ MORE

Worried About Severe Swelling in my Upper Back After Lipo - Bossier City, LA

I had a tummy tuck and lipo on my arms, inner thighs, flanks and upper back 12 days ago. I can tell that I am swollen all over but the swelling has gotten better everywhere except my back, which... is getting worse.

Should I be worried? Does it need to be drained? Is it normal to have this much swelling from lipo?


Gettin lipo ladies! - Jacksonville, FL

alright, im getting lipo of the flanks/love handles, full abdomen, and axillary ! should i get my arms done now also? i have until tomorrow to decide.... im thinking maybe i should but i have a cruise in 3 weeks soooooooo... help ladies any comment would be great to hear :)


Lipo Worth It - Memphis, TN

My procedure was Aug. 9. Upper and lower abs and flanks. Hurt pretty bad for two weeks. Then I simply took Advil and now am on the mend. Had procedure done in Memphis, TN.


Liposuction Recovery - Chicago, IL

I just had liposuction done on the abdomen and flanks 2 days ago. I'm experiencing sweating and feeling hot but I have no fever. Is this normal?


Excellent Results, Couldn't Be Happier !!

Had lipo of hips and flanks December 16th. I had the procedure done under local anesthetic with minimal discomfort.

Dr. B is amazing! I could see the results immediately.

I am now 10 READ MORE

Had Total Body Liposuction and First Week I Didn't Gain Weight, but by Second Week, I Was Up Three Pounds.

I originally thought I should get lipo on stomach. The first doctor said I would need my flanks and love handles done as well to even the effect. The second doctor told me that I should get my... arms, legs and above and below butt area as well as flanks, love handles, upper and lower abs, back fat, etc. done to have an overall pleasing effect.

I agreed to the total body lipo. It has been READ MORE