Breast Augmentation Gone Wrong

Gone wrong, breast augmentation can be painful and may not give you the aesthetic satisfaction that you originally sought. Breast augmentation can result in problems such as implants being too firm, muscle flexion deformity, implants being too close or too far apart, implants rippling, and implants leaking. However, most of these problems are fixable with the help of a competent professional.

Reviews from the Community

Think Thrice Before You Get Them -Coeur D Alene, ID

I really hope that girls or women who are considering breast implants would read my story and think twice before getting them. I will try to be as honest as I can as I really feel that sharing my... to share MY rough journey, and if you happen to already have breast implants and are satisfied with them, I am happy for you and with you. If they changed you life for better, bumped up your self..., yet I am not depressed. Given they are far from being beautiful ))) One of the ladies mentioned higher suicide rate in women with breast implants, and if their data on silicone causing depression is... around the implant to my ribs, therefore lifting the breasts (I had submuscular (probably wrong word, but this is when the implant is placed under the muscle tissue, not under the fat tissue of the... be wrong). Check Victoria's Secret Models' measurements and bra sizes. You'll be surprised by how many of them have 32 A, 33 B cup sizes. In our days, when we have access to push-up bras or, worst READ MORE

Thailand BA Gone Wrong :( - Bangkok

and the surgeon didn't release the muscle fibres, and the placement was also wrong, they were kind of just shoved in there. way to far apart and placed on the outer rib cage. on top of that the... something does go wrong, you are the one left paying for it, not them and there is absolutely no post op you aren't even in the same country. and if using a booking company they aren't interested in helping you if something goes wrong despite what they tell you. READ MORE

Breast Augmentation - Bakersfield, CA

surgeon and are allowed legally to preform some of the same procedures as a plastic surgeon such as breast augmentation how crazy is that?? ASK ASK ASK are you a board certified plastic surgeon? if they... talk to someone who actually cared . I am only now realizing so much of the wrong that has been done. I CANNOT SAY THIS ENOUGH ladies after seeing this PS today I now realize I let a cosmetic surgeon... prevent hardening, still have a few stitches poking out that he will remove my next visit if they aren't gone. I've had nothing but a wonderful experience with him and his staff they are so READ MORE

33 Years Old, Now on 4th Revision of Breast Aug... Do Your Research Before Getting Breast Implants... - Boca Raton, FL

consideration I tell him to go ahead if he thinks thats the best thing for me...So, I had the breast augmentation Jan 23, 2014 with Saline implants. Im 33 years old, I went from a 36C to a 36D. So... and maybe your skin just gave out...but here give us more money to fix it........I have now gone to a different surgeon who is going to charge me $4000 to fix just the one sagging breast that she READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Gone Wrong - Munster, IN

After having several children the breast loss was significant and for an A size breast this was noticed as sagging and limp breasts. READ MORE

Breast Implants Gone Wrong - Thailand

Booked via Destination Beauty with Dr Piyapas. NO booking found upon arrival. Specifically asked for no more than 400cc. Woke up with 450cc in right breast & 400cc in left. Right breast is now hanging 1 inch lower than left & asymmetry in breasts. My right breast is feeling much heavier than my left breast and causing me pain in the ribs. Neither hospital or surgeon accepted responsibility.... READ MORE


Saline breast implants have ruined my life! I warn you, if you are thinking about getting them, OH MY GOSH, please don't.

Here is my story: At the young age of 21 in 2001 just one year... after their approval, I decided to get the supposedly 'safe' saline breast implants. Unfortunately, I was very naïve at the time and thought I could trust the fda and implant companies and my plastic... had the same symptoms as me and also had saline breast implants. Finally, I stopped being in denial and started researching online for other women who were having similar problems. The stories were... but it wasn't around like it is now. That is my story. I hope it helps someone out there God bless! I forgot to add in my review an amazing book that will speak the truth about breast implants , saline... and silicone, causing diseases in many women. It is titled 'THE NAKED TRUTH ABOUT BREAST IMPLANTS' It is written by Dr. Susan Kolb and will explain this issue very well. I highly recommend you read READ MORE

BA Gone Bad - Saline Changed out to Silicone

I felt comfortable with my surgeon - he does a ton of work in my area. I felt after 13 years with saline I should have my implants changed to silicone. Something went terribly wrong and I look READ MORE

Breast Aug Gone Bad! - Las Vegas, NV

I am 30 years old, 5'7', 113 lbs. I had a breast augmentation done by Dr. Orna Fisher February 2014. After having 3 kids, my breasts looked like emptied out sacks. I was a big 32 B before surgery... measuring and taking pictures at my first appointment. He told me the reason for my dis-figured breast was because Dr. Fisher cut the pocket out wrong. He was very nice about saying this, but it was READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Gone Wrong - Webster, TX

Several years ago, my wife had a breast augmentation performed by Dr. Rich. Afterward we thought everything was fine, but when the swelling went down, we noticed something poking out of the top of READ MORE

mother 34 1 child

feeling to good about my BA. I know I'm not even a month in but I have so many issues. They look wrong to me. My nipples are to low. I am finding more cystic lumps. They are painful to touch. I don't... swelling has gone down my boobs have gotten a lot smaller. So not the size I wanted. I am disappointed. I go to my PS tomorrow and I will express my feelings and concerns. Which is the 2 inch lump that... over 10. There are many more. The tech said I take the cake on the most she has ever seen. I can still feel some but hey the big one I had that was pushing through my nipple is gone ya! No more pain.... More cysts, not setting or descending. I can still feel them they feel wrong. A lot of muscle spasms. I'm not filling out. Still feel sloshing 'air'. Hot flashes uhg severe pain in right breast.... They seem to be stuck. Not dropping anymore. One is more round and pretty the other is flat and has no volume to me. Left fills bra right does not. I knew I should have gone bigger. My surgeon said he READ MORE

Not Sure About Breast Augmentation - Mesa, AZ

I had breast augmentation surgery back in June 21, 2011. It will be almost 4 months on the 21 of this month. I posted the same question here, but I had no pics. By looking at my pics today, I... afraid my breast are ruined! I saw another lady on a website complaining that her breast augmentation (done by my doctor) was a disaster and that she had to have a reconstruction. He, also never seems to... have been avoided had the implants been placed under the muscle. I publicly announced to any girls wanting breast augmentation to stay away from Doctor Jack Obadia. I know of at least one more lady... than before. It appears that there's a lot wrong with my breasts implants. The 2nd opinion Dr informed me that the pocket in the right breast was opened too much causing the implant to fall too... that they were placed under the muscle. This is so unethical. I have contacted at least one male lawyer who indicated that they would not take my case and I had no case. I have gone through so much READ MORE

Botched Implant Surgery By: Dr. Richard Silverman - Newton, MA

'specializes' in breast augmentation to the fitness industry. He couldn't even manage my 23 year old muscle development. My new surgeon gave me beautiful results with my 34 year old pectoral development and... was way over dissected, which has caused me GREAT physical problems as well as image issues for the better half of a decade. They were rippled, bottomed out, the wrong size, malpositioned laterally... pre and post operative behavior was unacceptable.

Please be careful who you choose, it can affect your life for a long time. In retrospect I would have gone over the muscle, silicone gel READ MORE

Breast Augmentation Gone Wrong - Greenville, SC

fixed Bishop's mess.

I had breast augmentation several years ago. I never knew if it was Bishop's work or just the way I was shaped but I had no cleavage, not even when pushed together... all over the place.

I started asking around and I heard of a couple people's botched breast augmentation, face lift with permanent nerve damage, zipper scars on an acquaintances arms that READ MORE


WELL i am healing great .still cant get past not having any breast .but i know that a breast mastopexy need too be done .i cant wait to start ,all over again .i wish i wouldnt have gone to dr... went to dr foster to have larger and fuller breast ,one thing after another went wrong .left breast high on chest and to the side after 4 surgerys still wrong and in lots of pain on my left side .and READ MORE

Irregularity with Breast Implant Surgery is Actually Cancer -Toronto

Breast implant surgery gone wrong - ruptured silicone implants. Terrible experience which is now greatly effecting my health.

Breast implant surgery performed by Dr Peters 30 years ago READ MORE

Breast Implants Gone Wrong

No pros whatsoever...Maybe other doctors are good at what they do. Mine left me with breasts that look as though they are from two different people. Let me give you a brief rundown of all the issues I am left with after 7500 dollars: - No feeling throughout either of my breasts - only internal pain I can not describe! - My areolas are everywhere when they were even prior to this. -... READ MORE

Breast Lift and Implants -

to wind up with to big not to small how wrong I was , Surgury went well I sat on the operating table and was told only one Brest needed a lollipop lift this was not what was agreed apon in consult... kno what to do or if I have any grounds for a refund or fix with fee waved my sex drive us gone I'm in debt my relationship is at ruins and mr self confidence is shattered let alone my career hopes !!! What can I do READ MORE

Breast Lift and Implants Gone Wrong - Thailand

Can someone please help me! I need to know what has gone wrong... my breasts are totally abnormal and I'm depressed. The hospital has said I need to go back for a revision but has not told me READ MORE