Bottoming Out Breast Implants

Bottoming out is when a breast implants shifts downward and settles there giving the breast a hanging look. When it happens, you can feel your implant in the lower part of your breast where the upper part looks completely flat and your nipple pushes upward due to the downward pressure of the implant. Bottoming out breast implants can be corrected by further surgery.

Reviews from the Community

Falling Implant (Two Weeks Post-op, from AA Cup to 360cc Under Muscle Implants)

post op. I turned around in the car today and it felt like whatever was holding my right breast up let go. I feel like it is free floating in under the muscle and am really worried about it bottoming out. All looks great in the mirror. Thank you! READ MORE

Who is the Best Breast Revision Doc in Florida, Houston, or Southern Ca? Bottoming Out, Needs Capsulorrhaphy - Los Angeles, CA

Hello! I have had 4 breast revision surgeries and they keep bottoming out and my breasts fall to the side.
My breast feel heavy due to the large implants and thin skin. Please advise who does READ MORE

Breasts Implants Seem to Be Dropping Too Low and Too Far Inward? - El Paso, TX

implants (to get a little more projection), but I haven't made any final decisions yet. I will also be receiving sutures to repair the pocket after bottoming out the first time around. I hope everything... goes smoothly and I finally get the results I am looking for!! 2 months post op revision surgery for bottoming out. I down sized to 375cc and used high profile this time....Hello. I am a week past 3 months post op from breast augmentation. I had 425CC silicone gel, under the muscle, crease incision, w/ mentor moderate plus profile implants. It appears the my implants READ MORE

Internal Bra Lift - Houston, TX

. The first few weeks where rough. Than again I said that with all my surgery's so I am starting to think I am wimpy. This was to Cure my bottoming out. So far so good.


Wish I'd Never Met Dr. Sullivan - Columbus, OH

I am now explanting with a very skilled surgeon in Cleveland in just over a week. He recommended removal as the bottoming out is too severe to fix, plus the sheer weight of the implants has prevented... from running (my passion) at all without pain or risk of further bottoming out. This surgeon mentioned that he never lets avid runners get more than 200cc as it is just asking for trouble. Wish I... />
I also asked Dr. Sullivan about the possibility of bottoming out, since I ran avidly. She told me, 'They aren't going anywhere.' Wrong again! I had a 'severe' case of bottoming out according... (2) had further bottomed out. Dr. Sullivan is not one to take criticism well, and when I complained about pain in my left breast, her response was, 'Well, I believe you, but I don't know.' Thanks for READ MORE

Muscle Distortion - Calgary, AB

I had my first BA in 2000, and because of bottoming out I had them re-done in march 2010 by the same doctor, so I total of $14500..375cc saline first time, and 450 mod plus silicone 2010..I am READ MORE

I Hate my Implants

implants. - they look small - still wearing A-Cup - no real cleavage - implants positioned too low - waaayyy too low - scars very visible - looks like bottoming out, but the scars show, that the surgeon READ MORE

Are my Breast Implants Bottomed Out? - Brazil

Hi, I´m from Brazil, 34 years old female and 7 weeks post op.

Since 1 week pots op I concerns about my left breast has bottoming out. I am a thin patient (130lbs, 5ft4in. 34A pre-op... and did 330cc perthese ultra high gel coesive implant. My breasts before were very symmetrical though! Dr. said that we will wait at least 3-6 mths before we decide on anything. He would never say to me bottoming out though.

What can I do now? Are my breast implants bottomed out?


Revision needed

. Severe bottoming out and rippling. I went back to Dr. Salvador Pantoja for a revision. He has done wonderful work for me before; the only reason I went to Dr.Quiroz was so I didn't need a translator...Dr. Quiroz did a wonderful job giving me a new breast augmentation. He performed a capsulelectomy and removed bad scars from past surgery. He was honest,kind, and truly wanted the best for me. All of READ MORE

Saggy Sigal - Need 3rd Revision - Washington, DC

My original BA with Sigal was almost a year ago. I had double bubble, bottoming out, and rippling almost immediately. Sigal agreed to do revision to correct complications. However, it's been just a READ MORE

Saline to Silicone and Bottoming Out Fixed! - Colorado Springs, CO

I had revision surgery in Oct 2011. I switched from saline to silicone gel implants and had bottoming out on one side fixed as well. My surgeon did an incredible job, I am very happy with my READ MORE

23Yrs. 5'3. 98-114lb . 32A. 600cc's. 1 Amazing Little. Breastfeeding Ruined Me. - Saint George, UT

Super excited and yet so terrified of the risk of BA. I get there are risk for everything in life but Im absolutely horrified of bottoming out and capsule contractur. To my understanding there are READ MORE

Dr. Bartell Works Wonders - Madison, WI

I had very botched breast implants that were 10 yrs old from a previous doctor. Bottoming out, falling to the side, uneven, just an ugly mess. Dr. Bartell fixed them and they are amazing now! I still READ MORE

Great Experience from Beginning to End - Stony Brook, NY

He repaired my 'bottoming out' and then replaced my saline with silicone, and the results far exceeded my expectations.


32 Year Old 3 Breastfed Kids - Orange, CA

porn star boobs just bigger and fuller. I personally am leaning towards 475-500. I have a friend who had Capsular contracture and had hers done 3x! I'm just hoping to go thru this one time until they need to be changed out. Has anyone done research on CC and bottoming out? READ MORE

Help! Breast With the Implant with More Cc's is Bigger and Bottoming out - San Leandro, CA

390cc in one and 450cc in the other now the breast with the 450cc's is way bigger and i think bottoming out what do you think...please help i want to know will it fix itself or do i need a redo


Huge Emotional Trauma - 3 Surgeries Before I Decided to Have Implants Removed

I had a horrible experience with Dr. T, who did the original breast augmentation. He made the pockets too low and I had bottoming out 1 month after the surgery. The implants he suggested were... anything wrong and did not want to correct the result.

Then I had 2 revision surgeries with Dr. F in Indiana. Those went horrible also. I've had bottoming out, symmastia and asymmetry. I would not... Moderate Profile, which were too wide for my frame (I have a 28 inches ribcage). I didn't realize all those details then. I also had rippling of the left breast. Dr. T did not admit that he did... recommend this doctor.

Eventually I had breast implants removed. A lot of money spent, a lot of complications and a huge emotional trauma. That's all.


Implants for Tubular Breasts - Was It Worth It? I Wouldn't Recommend It

heard of going over the muscle to correct a bottoming out effect?? IS SHE JUST TAKING THE EASY WAY OUT?? i wont have money to fix another bad decision. any advice??

... was borderline on needing a lift. he put 380ccs in my right breast and 360ccs in my left. now both have bottomed out!!

i spoke to a surgen yesterday who suggested going over the muscle since i had... started off as a 36B (im now a 36D) and she thinks i will have enough breast tisssue to cover the implants, i'm worried about capsular contraction and what they will look like, has anyone ever READ MORE

Finally Happy with Second Breast Augmentation Revision

I had 2 previous breast augmentations that were awful. I was left with symnastia, bottoming out, ripples and at the end 2 deflated implants.

I finally have a normal, beautiful chest with soft silicone implants in a great size. I am very grateful to my Dr.


One Breast Lower Than the Other, 325cc's


  • bottoming out?

  • Reason to get surgery was to look proportionate. post ba-32aa

    My Results are fairly good, however, when you take a pic of you look straight on, you can see aprox. 3/4 inch diff in the crease of one breast to the next one.