Arm Liposuction

As we age, or gain weight, one of the first places where the evidence of this is clear is our arms. Upper arms tend to bulge out and give a wobbly look as the fat accumulates and the skin sags. To correct this, arm liposuction can be performed where tiny cannulas are inserted into the skin to pull out the excess fat from the arms, making them instantly thinner.

Reviews from the Community

Scarred for Life - San Antonio, TX

I come from a family of women with large upper arms, also known as bat wings. After much research and consideration, I decided that upper arm liposuction was the best treatment for me. The procedure... went fine and after tight bandaging, I was release to go home and rest. The next morning I woke up with a burning sensation on my right upper arm, in between the incision sites. I immediately called... both upper arms connecting in the back), it appeared that I had two blister type wounds forming on the back of my right arm, exactly where the cannula was suctioning in my arm. The sizes of the 3... my 3rd f/u visit, she recommended that I follow-up with my primary care doctor and was done with me. These are the pictures of the three wounds that occurred within 24 hrs of receiving liposuction of my upper arms from Dr. Finder. Update pending READ MORE

Yay for Smaller Arms! -Ellicott City, MD

For those looking into upper arm liposuction, I would recommend the procedure. Be aware that there are drawbacks (I’ve traded pudgy arms for a bit of loose skin) but I am still pleased with the READ MORE

47 Yrs 162 Lbs 5'4" Large Upper Arms - Chicago, IL

Lipo or lipo with mini lift?
I have had large upper arms my entire adult life and would love to be able to feel comfortable to wear sleeveless or strapless tops/ dresses. Arm size is hereditary... (thanks mom) and I am within 10 lbs of my goal weight and don't want the full brachioplasty scar. Any great PS experienes in IL w lipo and/or mini lift with anxillary incision well hidden? READ MORE

Lipo Was a Great Choice for Me - San Diego

get the results I wanted. I had lipo for my 30th birthday and now I wear tank tops every day! I love my arms and am so glad I spoiled myself...they got a pound of fat out of each arm and I could have never gotten this shape without the procedure.


I had lipo on my arms and it was one of the best choices I ever made. I had always been self conscience of my arms and felt no matter how many exercises I did, it was hereditary and I wouldn't READ MORE

Love My Results Liposuction & Bbl - New York

any complications you would still have to get it fix here in the USA. Dr.Filstein was amazing he did liposuction plus fat grafting to my butt plus remove fat between my legs and the fold of my arm for READ MORE

Liposuction to Thighs, Stomach, Whole Back, Chest & Fat Transfer to Buttocks - Mexico, MX

earliest convenience.

My total for Liposuction to thighs, stomach, whole back, chest & fat transfer to buttocks came up to 4,000.00 plus 110.00 for meds (name brand) 150.00 for body... garment, 80.00 for arm, chest garment & 60.00 for blood work. With a GRAND TOTAL OF: $4,400.00

I got a good deal due to having a group discount: so just try to bargain as much as you can.
Pre-Op Measurments
R. Arm – 15.5”
L. Arm - 15”
R. Thigh – 27”
L. Thigh – 26.5”Belly – 42”
Chest 43”
Buttocks (center) 42”

Pre-Op Measurments
R. Arm – 14.5”
L. Arm – 14.5”
R. Thigh – 26”
L. Thigh – 26”
Belly – 38.5”
Chest 40.2”
Buttocks (center) 43.5” READ MORE

35 Yrs Old - Dominican Republic

for a retouch and and do lipo on my arms and thighs( i didn't do my arm or thigh my first time ) i was suppose to go back within a year but that year turn into 5 anyways i love dr cabral he knows what...Hello dolls.. I'm a cabral doll went to him 5 years ago (before he had cipla) to do breast reduction and lipo and bbl .. Can't complain he did a amazing job .. I'm want to go back to him this year... wait to go and finish what i originally stated .. I dont need a lot of work done my body still looks good but never been happy with my arm and legs .. Well hope this help .. Ok flight is booked now trying to find a buddy and a Recovery House .. Arriving DR may 25th surgery may 27th .. READ MORE

Arm Lipo Recovery Questions PLEASE HELP Los Angeles, CA

Getting Lipo to arms, bra fat, outer thigh, inner thigh, medial knees and flanks.
There is not a lot of info on arm lipo recovery. I will be spending the first night in an aftercare facility READ MORE

Liposuction of Abdomen, Inner and Outer Thighs and Flanks - Dallas, TX

I had suction assisted tumescent liposuction yesterday 5/19 with general anesthesia. I went in at 11:30am and they gave me a valuim like pill to calm me down. I discussed plans with both the CRNA... numbing cream on my arm and starting the IV. Next thing I remember is waking up to the nurse (and another nurse that I didn't meet before) putting me in the girdle and my clothes.

Surgery... went well and I was fine walking out of the surgery center. There is a back door in the surgery center where my husband was waiting with the car. The local anesthesia from the tumescent liposuction READ MORE

19 Year Old with No Kids That Wants a Better Body! - Saint Cloud, MN

Hello there, I've been thinking of liposuction for about two years now. I've looked up videos and other information. I weigh about 230 pounds and I'm between 5'3 and 5'4 in height. I've tried... thighs, and fall down in the butt area or way to loose on my stomach area. I have this weird fat roll on my upper arm so don't wear short sleeves, manly hoddies because I don't feel so bad. In pictures I READ MORE

22 Years Old, 1 Child, Liposuction & Bilateral Breast Reduction - Dover, DE

getting abdomen liposuction and later on arm liposuction. I am very excited about this! The only thing that is worrying me is the loose skin that I may have afterwards... I'm not sure how I will try to READ MORE

Lipo on Arms. Phoenix, AZ

I am 2 weeks post and I say it was worth it!
I decided on ticklelipo after 2 years of research and 4 consults. The procedure was quick 2hrs and they took about 0.5 liters from each arm. It... have stretchmarks now due to the removed fat but im ok with that. Day 12 and I see a dramatic difference in my left arm but my right arm is taking its sweet time. I have absolutely no bruising, but I... feel this horrible burning sensation in my left arm, so I took more Tylenol and ibuprofen. I went back and forth for about 12hours with no relief and tossed and turned all night because I couldn't get... and needed to basically stop babying the arm. It sounded reasonable since the arm that I write with is perfectly fine. No infection no fever no dvt so this will pass. I will say that I had no clue that READ MORE

Upper Arms Forgotten? - Genisis ,Edmond OK

I had lipo performed on my upper arms as well as TT ,BL,BBL,Lipo of the flanks and upper back.
If you can see by the bruising I'm still a little beat up.
Question is for any doctor or... anyone that's had his procedure the leftover chubby Ness with the bruising is is that normal?
I'm wearing my arm and BL garment 23 hours a day.
Thank you for taking the time to read my READ MORE

Post Extreme Weight Loss Lipo - Memphis, TN

This is my third plastic surgery procedure. It happens tomorrow and I am not so nervous about it like I was before. Getting arms, hips, thighs and buttocks done in preparation for another arm lift... thinking when the swelling is down I will be super happy. I still have lots of extra skin and so we are planning on thigh and arm lift in the summer. Now that the swelling is going down, I can see a READ MORE

So Excited to Start This New Chapter! - Johnson City, TN

after arm lipo can be difficult for up to 2 weeks. I'm still having some problems with bowel movements, so I'm going to ask my doc about it tomorrow offer my one week follow up. My swelling has gone down...

Hey everyone! I am having lipo done on my abdomen, back, and arms. My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow and I'm stressing out about whether I have everything I need. I recently moved to a new... state and, while I've made some new friends, I don't have the same support as back home. Fortunately my mom is able to spend the first couple of days with me!

I am having lipo done because I... get rid of the excess fat.

I'm a little anxious about the results. Some sites say lipo is only beneficial if you have already lost weight and you just want to firm up. But in pictures I've... so it knocked me out. I had my stomach, upper arms, and bra fat done and the whole procedure took around 90 minutes. When I woke up I was in pain. My right arm felt like almost like when you get your READ MORE

Dr. Hutchinson is Wonderful - New York, NY

I had liposuction in the thigh area, knees, abdomen, and upper arm. The first few days of recovery were pretty unpleasant in terms of getting up, sitting back down, and walking around, but after READ MORE

Total Body Transformation, Still in Progress - Tijuana, Mexico

surgeries so far with Dr. Quiroz! Nov 2011 I had a LBL, March 2012 I went back and had a vertical incision to complete the LBL and also had an upper body lift, arm lift and breast lift. March 2013 I... returned for liposuction to prepare for a thigh lift later on, my breast had settled for 1 yr. and I had the fat transferred to my breast! I think Dr Q is an amazing doctor as well as the staff and nurses READ MORE

Arm Liposuction - Michigan, MI

I'm 7 weeks post op after having arm liposuction. End results is lots of wrinkling under the skin, thick scar tissues, swelling (edema), and lumps around the arms. I now have started physical READ MORE

Poor Results from Lipo to my Arms, Stomach, Inner & Outer Thighs

have an ugly adhesion under my left arm, and several very hard fat pockets in various place where lipo was done. i am now going for velashape treatments. i wanted to be able to look better in my jeans and bathing suit.

could someone tell me what to expect or do?...

i had lipo to my arms,stomach,inner&outer thighs. and knees 3 months ago. so far i have lost only 1 inch on my thighs,1/2inch on my arms,i inch on my hips, and nothing on my knees.


Lipo on Arms, Banana Roll, and Lower Tummy

, ankles feet, face, still ossing from one arm, and feel horrible.

Is it normal to have this much water weight? Is there a proper diet plan to follow after lipo? Please help--i am swollen and not enjoying life -as I am swollen, bruised, and constipated. READ MORE