Anatomical Breast Implants

Anatomical breast implants refer to breast implants which are more customizable for a more natural look. Instead of a uniform, round shape, these implants can be contoured and reshaped to suit individual forms. These implants always have a textured surface to keep the implants stuck to the scar tissue to prevent them becoming deformed.

Reviews from the Community

Anatomical Gel Implants - Jacksonville, FL

implant I wanted, but I knew that I wanted to look natural. Not having a lot of breast tissue to begin with, he suggested that I go with an anatomical gel implant. He explained all of the advantages...After several referrals and years of wanting breast augmentation, I decided to have a consult with Dr. Wallace and immediately felt comfortable. I explained to him that I was not sure of the type of... after surgery by seeing how great the anatomical gels looked on my small frame. I am so happy with my new look and only days after surgery was receiving compliments on how natural I looked. The READ MORE

37 Year Old with Size A Breasts Looking to Be a Full B - Mclean, VA

unnatural. Dr. Rad and I decided on small anatomical silicone implants under the muscle for a very natural look. They looked awesome from day one, I am very pleased and have no regrets (except maybe for not doing it sooner)! READ MORE

OUT WITH THE OLD ~ in with the New! - Darwin, MN

Okay, well 20 years ago I had 220cc Saline anatomical breast implants, over the pectoral muscles. I had finished breast feeding my two boys and whilst my 'girls' were not deflated or ugly, I felt...) because i'd had a daughter 8 years after first surgery and breast fed.

Today I went back for stage 2 and was fitted with Mentor 322 moderate height anatomical silicon, 330cc under the pectoral... muscle.

I chose anatomical as they give a natural fall look and 20 years of same and no one ever knew, comments were that after 3 kids I still had lovely boobs!!

It's day one but READ MORE

Sientra Gummy Bear Implants- SO Happy - Scottsdale, AZ

super natural look and that's exactly what he gave me with the 320 cc anatomical oval shaped implants. Zero complications. I couldn't be happier! Love Dr. Cohen :) READ MORE

Cohesive Silicone Gel "Gummy Bear" Implants NOT RECOMENDED -San Jose, Costa Rica

Getting a breast augmentation was a great choice. The recovery was painless, andI have been happy since day one. However, I will be replacing my 'gummy bear' implants with softer silicone gel..., and anatomical. Unfortunately, they are just a bit to firm, and the teardrop shape is not especially evident. Altogether, I am happy to have these for the time being and am satisfied with the... surgery in general. For anyone considering it, getting a breast augmentation was a great choice. The recovery was painless, and I have been happy since day one. However, I will be replacing my 'gummy bear... lasting and anatomical. Unfortunately, they are just a bit too firm, and the teardrop shape is turned out not to be an advantage. The implant shifted to the center of my chest and this would probably READ MORE

450 cc Anatomical textured gummy bear! - Scottsdale, AZ

Had my 1st consultation today! We discussed Silicone Anatomical Textured implants. I want a more natural look. Currently I'm a 32 A hoping to be a 32 D! I tried on different sizes and I'm thinking of... and we decided on textured anatomical 400 or 450 cc crease incision. I was given a cute bag filled with goodies for surgery like a ice pack stool softener a nice cup! ..Count Down Begins! READ MORE

Age 24 No Kids - Manchester, GB

I went to my consultation with dr mario russo.i wanted anatomical tea drop bit he advised me ( MOTIVA IMPLANTS ) Has anyone familiar with this type of implants? ??
My goal is to go from 32AA TO READ MORE

30th Birthday Present to Myself! 5'1 115lbs Petite Frame - San Diego, CA

I want larger but natural looking full breast. I have my pre op next week and I am going with a 350cc anatomical. My question is this, anyone have them and not like them? What were there reasons why... someone would choose round vs. anatomical? I really like the way anatomical looks, but haven't actually met anyone to ask them. I will upload pics soon. I am currently a 34 A looking to achieve a READ MORE

I Hate my Implants

I got my boobies done a year and a half ago...i was very excited about finally getting some cleavage. But I am very dissatisfied with everything about them since day 1. I got 275cc, anatomical READ MORE

My Removal and Re-augmentation of 14 Year Old Implants with Mr. Adamo - London, GB

go a bit larger in size, that was it. I had 290MM implants from Allergan 410 range replaced with 370MX in anatomical 410 range, going from a small C to a full D/DD. I had friends and family who had Mr... Adamo as their surgeon when having breast surgery so I chose him on recommendation. Mr. Adamo is a perfectionist, this was evident from the first meeting, he measured and examined me very thorough... my anatomical implants are perfect for my frame. I really recommend Mr. Adamo. My mother and sister both had Mr. Adamo as their surgeon as well. READ MORE

Breast Augmentation & Lollipop Lift - 5'2" 117lbs - 330cc Mentor High Profile Implants

of my sagging deflated breasts. After many years my husband and I decided to finally have the surgery done.

I had a breast aug and lollipop lift 2 weeks ago, but I see that my right breast is... higher and more swollen than my left. I am 5'2" 117lbs and have 330cc Mentor Cohesive III high profile 333 silicone gel anatomical implants.

Now after it's done, I feel like I can't believe I READ MORE

33 Years Old, Breastfed 4 Babies and Needed to Fix my Saggy Boobs. Dallas, TX

I am 33 years old and have breast fed 4 babies. I was in need of inflating my breasts back up and chose Dr Meade to be my plastic surgeon. There was no question in my mind after I left my first... with and made me feel the most confident in the fact he was going to do the best job for MY needs. He preformed a benelli lift on both breasts, and implanted an anatomical 370cc silicone implant. I... unhappy with my results. The anatomical implant gave me a very natural look, and my nipples are a beautiful size, with no scarring, or sensation damage. My breasts look absolutely beautiful, and I feel READ MORE

24 Years Old, Silicone Implants. Finland, FI

I used to be very fat, then i loose 40 kg, and used to have aa-cup.
I have money, so I did it finally. 290cc anatomical Nagor implants partially under the muscle.
The clinic was friendly READ MORE

My Surgery with Dr. Aslani. Spain, ES /size: 365 cc

and small breasts. Doctor Aslani recommend me anatomical implants 345 cc.
Then, i will put more photos with my new breasts. ;) READ MORE

Breast Rejuvenation - Seattle, WA

375 cc Allergan 410 FF (textured solid silicone anatomical full profile full height) implant surgery on October 13, 2014 (8 days ago). Started out deflated B with some ptosis. No children, 34 yo 130 READ MORE

32 Years Old, 2 Children, Saggy and Deflated - Grand Rapids, MI

because of my skin elasticity and the risk of an anatomical flipping. I was able to see mock-ups of my potential results using 3D imaging, which I found to be extremely helpful. With the rapid recovery READ MORE

losing most of the volume - Breast Augmentation - Seattle, WA

I decided to get a breast augmentation after having my daughter and losing most of the volume and lift in my breasts. Dr. Park and his staff spent a lot of time walking me through all of my... choices, explaining what to expect with the surgery and post op, and helped me choose the best size and shape implant for me. I went with the silicone, anatomical shaped implant and would tell anybody that..., parenting my three year old, four days after surgery. I am now two months post op and my breasts look natural because of the anatomical shaped implants and Dr. Park's amazing work. The scar is hidden in... the crease of my breast and doesn't show unless I lift my breast. Dr. Park did a perfect job on the incision and the scars are thin, even and smooth.


21, Female, 330cc Silicone Anatomical Implants - Perth, Australia

low body fat so my surgeon suggested anatomical implants to give a more natural look. I'm very happy with the outcome. It has given me so much more confidence in myself. (A cup > C cup) READ MORE

Anatomical Implants for Best Results - Excited and Nervous! - Brisbane, AU

Hi everyone!

I have my breast augmentation surgery scheduled for this coming Friday - 27 September, 2013. I am getting it done by Dr. Andrew Broadhurst from Enhance Plastic Surgery in... after and we looked at lots of before and afters and talked about a variety of implants. Together we decided on using the anatomical (tear drop) shaped implant do to my desire for a natural look... combined with how naturally petite.

I will get 330cc, silicone, anatomical implants.

I trust Dr. Broadhurst 100% and am SO excited to see the end result however I am a tiny bit nervous... still. I was wondering, if anyone here has had a similar situation or is having the same style of implants for their Breast Augmentation, would you please let me know how you're feeling / how happy you are with the result?

Thank you in advance ladies! READ MORE

The Real Deal on This - Albany, NY

the incorrect anatomical positions. These doctors in this site are lying through their teeth in order to retain the integrity of their chosen profession. Because right now, I'm in perfect health READ MORE