Alarplasty is a type of nasal surgery which addresses wider nostrils. While rhinoplasty may alter the overall, general shape of the nose, alarplasty can shrink the size of your nostrils if you are not entirely happy with them. The surgery is usually performed by placing dissolvable sutures at the corners of the nostrils so the nostrils shrink inwards. It can be performed individually, and also together with a rhinoplasty to address the overall shape of the nose.

Reviews from the Community

Wanted to Fix Asymmetry and Narrow Alar Base

alarplasty would be. I'm asian so my nasal base is naturally flat and wide. I watched a few alarplasty videos on youtube and figured it was a simple procedure and have practically no downtime so I could get... were running a 15% off December promotion. I checked out the before and after pictures on their website and was skeptical since the alarplasty done on previous patients were very subtle which wasn’t READ MORE

Prior Alarplasty Gone Wrong Dr Janjua to the Rescue - Bedminster, NJ

Dr. Janjua saved my face. I was terribly scared in an alarplasty gone wrong by another surgeon on NYC. My face was uneven, botched and scared so bad I had a hard time leaving my house. When I had READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty, Alarplasty, Double Eyelids, Lateral Canthoplasty, Forehead Augmentation Via Fat Transfer - Cheras, Malaysia

I have researched a long time on clinics in Korea. Eventually decided not to go, as I worry the complications should anything goes wrong. Anyway I found Dr. Cheong You Wei and booked a consultation just to see how he is as a doctor and to hear what he thinks I needed done on my face. He was quiet at first and listen tentatively to all the complains that I pointed on my face. He did agree with... READ MORE

Multiple Procedure with Juan Fuentes at Cosmed. Tijuana, MX

made the nose only slightly less wide. I returned December 2013 for an alarplasty, which is reduction in the width of the nose. I am to this day very pleased with my results. There is some very slight READ MORE

Multiple Failed Nose Surgeries - Manila, PH

I have had 5 failed rhinoplasty surgeries all done in the Philippines by 3 different surgeons. The 3rd surgeon performed 3 revisions in my nose and alarplasty. It was the biggest mistake that ive READ MORE

Nose's Job Done in Bangkok, Thailand

original bridge just a bit higher, tiplasty as well as alarplasty, plus the Chin Implant. I did everything under G.A, and heard from nurses later that doctor took close to 5 hours to do the job. There were READ MORE

Just Wanting a Double Eyelid Surgery

trouble deciding whether to do double eyelid surgery or my rhinoplasty first. I also found out that if I was to do my rhinoplasty, my procedure would be called alarplasty as I'm just narrowing my flared... alarplasty as well. I want to narrow my nostrils so hopefully he'll give me a good price on that as well. That way I can do them both together at the same time. My mother decided to pitch in and pay a... portion of my eyelid surgery. But I'm not sure if she'll agree with my alarplasty as well. She might think I'm going over board. All I want is reduced nostril flare. I hope my mother agrees to that... go to him.

So tomorrow I'm having a consultation with him, show him what I want, ask about alarplasty and find out the cost for everything. If the consultation does not go right then I am...!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! You can't imagine how happy and relieved I am!!!!!! i have wanted this for SO long and its finally happening!!!! Lets see if I can do my alarplasty along with it though.. Hmm I can only READ MORE

2 Days Post Alarplasty and I Already See Results! (Photos)

I used to have a huge nose with a bull-like flare. I was always teased about it, which affected my self esteem. I finally got an isolated nostril reduction and it looks amazing. That simple change has reverted the size of my entire nose back to my adolescent years. I love it! Next, I want to get an upper lip lift. I met with Doctor Landsman 72 hours after the procedure to remove some... READ MORE

17 Years Old and I Want a Totally New Nose - Saint Petersburg, FL

possible or atleast close to being impossible. I guess it is dramatic but I think dramatic change is what I need. I decided I'll be getting an alarplasty thanks to some suggestions! I've gotten! Thank you... that I'm going to get an alarplasty because all I really want to change is the width after much thought. My tip and bridge are OK. I think a super pointy tip won't match the rest of my face. So, I READ MORE

I'm 25 Y.o. Lady, Just Have Nose Implantation and Alarplasty Done 10 Days Ago. I Got a Sharp, Pointed Tip As I Wanted. - Hatyai

I can't afford the price of nose job in Singapore so i decided to have it done in Thailand. After reading Chinese forum, i chose Dr.Prinya at Hatyai Southern Thailand because Hatyai is not so far (direct flight everyday) if i want to come back to followup in case any problems occur. I heard he has many types and sizes of implants which patients can choose which one suit their needs. READ MORE

Dr. Rafizadeh Fixed my Face. - Morristown, NJ

[he suggested a lip lift + a very subtle alarplasty to correct the uneven nostrils]. Cut to surgery day, not only was his staff very sweet and supportive [his nurse offered to hold my hand during the READ MORE

Alarplasty, Alar Base Reduction, Nasal Sill Surgery (Nostril Narrowing) - San Francisco, CA

notice how better you look!
Just recently she performed an Alarplasty which narrowed the size of my nostrils. The results were exactly what I had hoped for and I did not experience any pain even READ MORE

Do Not Let Dr Alain Senerpida Touch You - Phillipines

We went in for a routine alarplasty and ended up looking like pinocchio
he did not offer any type of refund or reimbursement. He even wanted the maid to get a procedure done a sure sign hes READ MORE

rhinoplasty philippines

i know it is somehow impossible to have alarplasty reversed but is it still possible to get your natural c's ( ) of the nose back? i had a small regular not thin not thick nose. the only problem... will also move upward and reduce the wide look. the problem is he also did an alarplasty and did not inform me. and according to him, he cut the side and base a little bit to reduce the widening making READ MORE

Nasal Augmentation with Silastic Implant

I'm Chinese and was born with somewhat of a wide, flat nose with flared nostrils. I've always hated the base of my nose because it was too wide. I've wanted alarplasty for a long time, but when... graft to the tip, and alarplasty.

I hated the results. The implant made my nose look fake and huge. I no longer looked Asian. I took the implant out a couple months after, and left the... ear cartilage in. Now I am left with a weird look overprojected pinched nose. My bridge used to be thin and flat, but now it is a wide mass of scar tissue.

I regret getting surgery. I should've stuck to alarplasty only, because that was all I needed.


Alarplasty - Bangkok, Thailand

having a tip reduction because he said it was a nice nose and many Thai people come in requesting for their noses to be longer, like mine!!! Isn't that funny! So we compromised and just had the alarplasty READ MORE

I've wanted to get my nose done for a long time - So Far So Good! - Miami, FL

and I felt queasy and threw up. I'm so glad my parents came to support me. My mother had alarplasty in the past so she gave me good pre and post op advice. When my mother had it done she did not.... I think it's because with alarplasty you can immediately notice the difference. One of my nostrils is slightly bigger than the other but I just think it's still swollen. I'll be removing READ MORE

Breast Augmentation and Alarplasty (Narrowing of the Nose) with Dr. Sajjadian. Newport Beach, CA

and an Alarplasty (narrowing of the sides of the nose). I am so joyful with my results because their natural but dramatic. I now have the confidence I've always dreamt of, and I'm so happy I took the time to research a doctor I could trust. READ MORE

Optimistic - Philippines, PH

On October 19, 2013, I had alarplasty & an L-shaped silicone to build up the bridge of my nose & to add shape to the tip. I hadn't spent much time on deciding on what implant to use, but since I READ MORE

6 Weeks After Rhinoplasty and my Nostrils Are Uneven - British Columbia, BC

is crooked and the nostril uneven :(.
Today is 6 weeks after my surgery and my nose less crroked but still very round and my nostrils are uneven. I will love to hear your opinion about my nostrils, is it very noticeable ? do I need alarplasty ?, thank you so much