Ultracontour Lipo

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*Treatment results may vary

There is also another body contouring machine...

There is also another body contouring machine available for treatment in Ultrasounds focalised therapy, which is in Europe, France name is Ultracontour.

This French system gives fantastic results; about 2 cm per session on abdomen and legs, also arms can be treated since the transducer which delivers a focalised beam has an adaptable size for several body parts.

The treatment was performed by a specialist doctor in Athens.  He starts by using advanced computer software to calculate the number of points to be treated.  The doctor then treast each point of your body where fat removal is required.  It typically takes about 45 minutes.  Afterwards the doctor uses a UMD transducer to stimulate your lymphatics to stimulate the elimination of the fat released in the interstitial tissue.

The results are visible after 7 days.

Several of my friends now have tried both system (ultrashape and Ultracontour) all of them said that with Ultracontour you can feel the difference and the results soon after treatment


Doctor Kostas Gritzalas

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