Plastic Surgery Videos

Undergoing Multiple Procedures — Is it Safe? A Doctor Explains

Dr. William Marshall Guy explores reasons why it can be beneficial to have multiple procedures at the same time, and that the duration of the surgery is more of a risk factor than the number of surgeries. VIEW NOW

Stories of Hope: Helping Burn Victims in India

Every day in India, over 7 thousand people are seriously burned. Most don’t have access to the reconstructive surgery they need, leaving them ostracized, unable to find work, and often disowned by their families. Learn more: VIEW NOW

Getting Started and Understanding Board Certification

Dr. Paul Vitenas Jr. discusses the importance of considering credentials of a surgeon before planning your surgery. VIEW NOW

Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon — Words of Wisdom

An individual from Dr. Tom J. Pousti's office lists some things to consider when searching for a surgeon, such as board certification, before and after photos, his or her team, and more. VIEW NOW


Optimizing Recovery After Cosmetic Surgery

An individual from Dr. Tom J. Pousti's office discusses ways that you can get better results following a surgical procedure. VIEW NOW


Plastic Surgery Abroad — What are the Risks?

Dr. Charles Nduka outlines some things that people should consider before having plastic surgery in another country. VIEW NOW

The Benefits of Paper Tape for Scar Healing

Dr. Michael Workman offers instructions for use of paper type. Combined with a moisturizer, paper tape can improve the look of scarring. VIEW NOW

Age Matters When it Comes to Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Tanveer Janjua discusses the issue of age and plastic surgery. The risk of medical complications does increase as a person gets older. VIEW NOW

Cosmetic Surgery and Mental Illness — Things to be Aware of

Dr. Tanveer Janjua discusses the issue of mental health, and things to consider before surgery. Dr. Janjua advocates open communication with medical professionals and to be mindful of both physical and emotional risk. VIEW NOW

Do Your Homework — How to Avoid a Revision Surgery

Dr. Rady Rahban gives his recommendations for choosing a qualified surgeon, live from Vegas at VCS 2016. VIEW NOW


Finding the Right Practitioner and Products for You — The Doctor's Advice

Live from Vegas at VCS 2016, Dr. Alan B. Brackup answers questions about selecting a practitioner, procedure, and products. VIEW NOW

How to Be Your Best Real Self — The Doctor's Approach to Beauty

Dr. Andrew Campbell discusses rejuvenation, matching how you feel inside to the outside, live from Vegas at VCS 2016. VIEW NOW

How Your Lifestyle Affects the Results of Your Surgery

Dr. Gregory A. Buford explains the benefits of good nutrition when it comes to your surgical outcome, live from Vegas  at VCS 2016. VIEW NOW

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Osteoma Removal: The Doctor Explains the Procedure

Dr. Philip J. Miller explains what an osteoma is and how it's removed, live from Vegas at VCS 2016. VIEW NOW

"How to Not Get Botched" — The Importance of Selecting a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Paul S. Nassif shares tips for choosing an experienced plastic surgeon, live from Vegas at VCS 2016. VIEW NOW