Plastic Surgery Videos

What Will My Scar Look Like? Here's What to Expect

Dr. Sheila S. Nazarian walks us through the basics of how a wound heals and why that matters to your recovery. VIEW NOW


How to Prevent Blood Clots After Getting Surgery

Concerned about post-op blood clots? Dr. J. Timothy Katzen offers this advice. VIEW NOW

Should I be Worried About Anesthesia? Is It Risky?

Dr. Stephen Weber explains the anesthetic process and the amount of risk involved for elective surgery. VIEW NOW

When Can I Drive After Surgery?

Many patients are anxious to return to normal life after surgery, and most often they have questions about how quickly they'll recover. Dr. Marie E. Montag explains when you can expect to drive following surgery. VIEW NOW

Cosmetic Procedures for Men — The Doctor Explains 3 Popular Procedures

Cosmetic surgery isn't just for women. Dr. Mark Beaty discusses how more men than ever are getting cosmetic procedures. VIEW NOW

One Million Reasons to Celebrate Our Doctor Community

This month we're commemorating a huge milestone for the RealSelf community - one million questions answered by doctors and one million photos posted. Watch the video to hear a special thanks from Tom Seery, CEO of RealSelf. VIEW NOW

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The Psychology Behind Cosmetic Surgery — According to This Doctor

Dr. Steve Laverson talks about how plastic surgery can improve the quality of your life, and how you can overcome the uncertainty and fear associated with plastic surgery. VIEW NOW


The Doctor Recommends Having Your Surgery In a Hospital When....

Dr. Mark E. Mason explains when he operate in his surgery center vs. at the hospital. VIEW NOW

Learn About Anesthesia Options — The Doctor Explains

Dr. Mark E. Mason addresses the kind of anesthesia administered for various surgeries. VIEW NOW

The Doctor Gives Us a Peak Inside His OR

Many people have never had surgery. Dr. Neil T. Chen explains what happens before surgery and shows us where the surgery takes place. VIEW NOW

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Can I Get Multiple Procedures in 1 Day?

Dr. William Bruno answers this common question. VIEW NOW


Why You Should Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon for Your Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Steve Laverson explains why he believes you should see a board-certified plastic surgeon, and which board certifications to look for. VIEW NOW

Here's Why Weight Matters Before Plastic Surgery

Learn why it's important to hit a stable weight before going under. VIEW NOW


What Skype Could Do for Your Consultation Experience

Curious about a digital consultation? Dr. Robert Kotler shares his experience using Skype with patients. VIEW NOW

This Doctor Saw a "Superspecialist" for Surgery, Here's Why You Should too

Dr. Robert Kotler talks about the importance of having a superspecialist perform your surgery. VIEW NOW

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