Plastic Surgery Videos

Should I Combine Two Surgeries During One Treatment?

Dr. Leppink explains the benefits and risks of combining surgeries and how it applies to safety and accreditation at a surgery center. VIEW NOW

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How to Choose the Right Surgeon

Dr. Renee Jespersen provides tips to find the right plastic surgeon for you. VIEW NOW

Safety & Plastic Surgery

Dr. Eric Swanson shares his expertise and experience with safety during plastic surgery procedures. VIEW NOW


Tips for Picking the Right Plastic Surgeon for You

Dr. Thomas Trevisani talks about factors to consider when choosing a plastic surgeon. VIEW NOW

Picking the Cosmetic Surgeon That's Right For You

Picking the right plastic surgeon can be hard, so Dr. David Kahn is here to provide some insight on things to consider. VIEW NOW

How to Save Money on Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mahlon Kerr discusses the cost of plastic surgery. Patients should consider financing options or bundling treatments together in order to save. VIEW NOW


How Do I Consider When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon?

Dr. Aviva Preminger shares a few key points to consider before choosing a plastic surgeon to perform any plastic surgery procedure. VIEW NOW

Safety Risks of Surgery with High Blood Pressure

Dr. Carlos Wolf discusses the risk factors that go into having surgery if you have high blood pressure. VIEW NOW

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What to Expect in Breast Augmentation Recovery

Dr. Richard Sadove explains why recovery is very dependent upon how the operation is done. Rip and tear of the muscle is not the same as a meticulous dissection with little bleeding. VIEW NOW

The Connection Between ALCL Cancer and Breast Implants

Dr. Julio-Clavijo-Alvarez discusses and clarifies the correlation of breast implants and ALCL cancer, more technically known as anaplastic large-cell lymphoma. VIEW NOW

How to get Cosmetic Surgery Advice From a Doctor

Learn about Dr. Sophie Ricketts as she demonstrates how you can get in touch with her for any questions through VIEW NOW

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Shoib Myint outlines four different factors to take into consideration when researching and selecting a plastic surgeon. VIEW NOW

When Do Breasts Stop Developing?

Dr. Richard Sadove discusses the different changes in breasts and when they can be expected to finish developing. VIEW NOW

Tips to Pick a Cosmetic Provider

Dr. Sabrina Shah-Desai discusses the three different factors to look for when searching for a well-qualified cosmetic provider for a safe procedure. VIEW NOW

Benefits of Using a Vectra 3D Camera Before Surgery

Dr. Roberto Garcia discusses the uses and benefits of the Vectra 3D camera system and explains how it can accurately show patients the potential changes that can be achieved prior to the actual procedure. VIEW NOW