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Off-Label Use: 5 Things You Need to Know

Ever had your doctor say something is off-label? Learn what that means for your health and your wallet. Here are the five things you need to know about off-label use. VIEW NOW

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Anti-Aging Skincare: 2 Things You're Doing Wrong Right Now

First thing's first: Find the beauty in you. Dr. Doris Day explains a holistic approach to plastic surgery. VIEW NOW


Learn More About the Release Your Inner Beauty Campaign

Dr. Richard J. Brown created a movement to help people who have had plastic surgery become more in touch with their inner beauty, regardless of whether it was a reconstructive or cosmetic procedure. Listen to their stories. VIEW NOW

What to do After a Botched Plastic Surgery

Dr. Richard J. Restifo discusses what can be done for individuals who are unhappy about a prior surgery. VIEW NOW

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Dr. Victor Chung takes you step by step through the consultation process including a medical history, physical examination, photo shoot, and 3D imaging/simulation. It's important to have a full assessment and get your questions answered. VIEW NOW

Combining Cosmetic Procedures can Save Money and Recovery Time

Dr. Jeffrey E. Schreiber discusses why it sometimes makes sense to combine plastic surgery procedures if you are considering multiple treatments, but cautions against undergoing too much surgery at once. VIEW NOW

Why You Should Choose a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jeffrey Schreiber discusses the reasons why you should choose a board certified plastic surgeon in your area for your cosmetic procedures. VIEW NOW

How to Make Sure Your Surgeon is Board-Certified

Learn more from Dr. Ricardo L. Rodriguez about what board certification means, why it is important and how to tell if your plastic surgeon is board certified. VIEW NOW

How do I Select the Right Plastic Surgeon for Me? 4 Quick Tips

Dr. Thomas Fiala offers advice on some things to look for when choosing a surgeon to perform your procedure such as board certification, experience, the doctor's before & after photos, and your rapport with the doctor. VIEW NOW

Is it Safe to Perform Multiple Cosmetic Surgeries all at Once?

Dr. Thomas Fiala discusses whether or not a simultaneous combination of procedures can be safely performed, explaining that the amount of time that someone will be under anesthesia factors in heavily in determining the safety of surgery. VIEW NOW

Evaluating Your Health Before Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Thomas Fiala explains how people's health is evaluated before undergoing a procedure and how these evaluations help doctors determine your candidacy and which tests will be necessary. Honesty with your physician is paramount. VIEW NOW

A Doctor Explains why he Takes so Many Photos

Dr. Victor Chung explains the importance and value of taking a lot of pictures, especially 3D photos, which helps with comparison before and after surgery. VIEW NOW

What Will My Recovery be Like?

Dr. Brian K. Brzowski on The Plastic Surgery Channel offers a general idea of what your recovery might look like after undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure. VIEW NOW

Undergoing Multiple Procedures — Is it Safe? A Doctor Explains

Dr. William Marshall Guy explores reasons why it can be beneficial to have multiple procedures at the same time, and that the duration of the surgery is more of a risk factor than the number of surgeries. VIEW NOW

Stories of Hope: Helping Burn Victims in India

Every day in India, over 7 thousand people are seriously burned. Most don’t have access to the reconstructive surgery they need, leaving them ostracized, unable to find work, and often disowned by their families. Learn more: VIEW NOW