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Vacationing After Plastic Surgery

I am going in for a tummy tuck, breast lift, and inner thigh lipo, and then plan to go on a cruise about 6 weeks later.  My surgeon said as long... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of Traveling Outside US for Plastic Surgery?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having plastic surgery outside US, especially Brazillian Butt Lift or Breast Augmentation? I'm concerned... READ MORE

Multiple Plastic Surgery Procedures

I am scheduled to have a full tummy tuck, short scar arm lift, and groin scar thigh lift in two weeks. Is this too much surgery at one time. My... READ MORE

Traveling for Surgery - Can I Get Post-op Care from a Local Doctor?

Is It Possible to Get Post Op Care from Someone Other Than Surgical Dr if Surgery Done Away from Home?    READ MORE

Plastic Surgery - Traveling From Europe to US?

I live in Switzerland and am interested in Liposuction of abdomen and breast augmentation. The cost by board certified swiss plastic surgeons for both... READ MORE

Is it Worth it to Travel For Procedures?

I live in NY and found a doctor in Washington. Is it worth it to pay that much to travel for my procedures? READ MORE

Are there Benefits of Travelling for Plastic Surgery?

I've read about Chinese women travelling in groups to South Korea to get surgery done. I live in Japan but go to NY back and forth because of my... READ MORE

Regarding travel post op - is it safe? Blood clot risks? Considering travel for a procedure.

If the surgeon who is considered "best" for a particular procedure is out of state is s/he still best? If o travel to Arizona from Colorado and stay... READ MORE

Travelling Abroad to the Tropics Before Vacation?

Im 69 years of age and am having reconstructive surgery to my knees in July. I need to travel abroad to India for 2-3 weeks, but will be returning 30... READ MORE

How can I choose the right surgeon?

I'm deciding between two surgeons, and I'm so confused on who to pick. I want to do this surgery one time, and get it right the first time. The first... READ MORE

Communications for out of town rhinoplasty patients?

Very recently I posted a question of how out of town patients (Im from Canada) would communicate initially with a surgeon from out of the country (US)... READ MORE

Can a doctor travel to my country to treat me specifically even if I paid for his/her costs etc?

I found a few plastic surgeons from USA who specifically treat a skin disease called HS. I am wondering if it's possible to call the surgeon over to... READ MORE

Why is It So Hard to Find a Doctor to Prescribe Me the Meds I Need for my Surgery?

I am going out of country for my surgery, I know that most US doctors don't agree with, but we do have the right to our oppinion. If I don't find a... READ MORE

How long do I need to stay in town after surgery?

I am having plastic surgery in Raleigh, NC traveling from Virginia. My surgery is scheduled Monday. My PS wants me to stay in town until Friday. I... READ MORE

Traveling out of state for procedures?

I was wondering if it was common for patients to travel out of state for their procedure(s)? If so, how does the follow up appointments work? Are they... READ MORE

Surgery Travel Insurance to US?

Is there such thing as travel insurance for elective surgery from Canada into the U.S.? I have travel insurance through my husbands benefits, but does... READ MORE

Are there any doctors that perform rib removal/modification in California?

I have a nice hourglass body however, I would like to get rib removal or rib modification surgery to get the waist I desire. I have been looking into... READ MORE

How should patients deal with surgeons and staff who will not call back or answer questions pre-op, especially when out-of-town?

I scheduled PS w/ a MD who cancelled my surgery because I "called the office too often and asked too many questions". I had 4 questions that the main... READ MORE

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