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If I Have a C-Section, Can my Ob/gyn Repair my Umbilical Hernia (Diastasis Recti) Right then and There After Delivering Baby?

Have umbilical hernia starting under chest and continues down length of stomach. 3 ?'s: 1)During C-section, can ob-gyn repair hernia immediately... READ MORE

How Soon After One Procedure Can Another Be Performed?

A plastic surgeon I consulted with told me she'd be more comfortable doing the plastic surgery in stages, say, breast lift/reduction first, then... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Undergo General Anesthesia Within a Month of Each Other?

My mom is getting two different surgeries that are roughly a month a part from each other. Is it safe for her to go under general anesthesia so close... READ MORE

I Am Not Sure Whether to Get Breast Implants or Brazilian Butt Lift First, Suggestions?

I am thin now, but I will have to gain weight to get a brazilian butt lift, though Im not sure how much. I was wondering if it would make a difference... READ MORE

I Had a Accident on 3rd July, 2011. I Have Desolvable Stitches Very Close to my Left Eye.

I have desolvable stitches very close to my left eye. Can you please tell me, how long it will take to get desolved? Thanks in advance. READ MORE

Should I Wait to Get a Face Lift if I Plan to Lose Additional Weight?

I have lost almost 50lb this year and would like to lose 30 more. Should I wait until I am at my ideal weight before I explore facial cosmetic surgery... READ MORE

How to Order Multiple Plastic Surgeries?

I'm considering a revision rhinoplasty, a mid-face lifting, a face liposuction and a laser or chemical peel. What is the correct order to perform?... READ MORE

How Long is Too Long on Pain Meds?

One Dr. on this site said that most of his patients were off of their pain meds in 2-3 days post op. I am one week post op and my pain is still severe... READ MORE

Getting Multiple Different Treatments, How Do I Decide What To Do When?

I want multiple treatments(nosejob,eyebrow lift,chinlipo) in 1 year. Best idea would be,everything first & fractional laser threatment at last.But... READ MORE

How Many Hours is Average to Be in Surgery Safely?

What is the typical time frame that you want to be in for surgery without increasing your chance of complications (with local anesthesia and iv sedation)? READ MORE

I Would Like to Have Multiple Procedures Performed. Is There a Way to Determine Which Should Go First or Perhaps Be Combined?

My concern is in whether or not combining procedures will affect my healing time or possibility of scarring or trauma during recovery, and if I get... READ MORE

If traveling out of state/country, what is the recommended time there to ensure a healthy and safe recovery in healing properly?

I have been quoted a minimum of 14 days to remain before considering to return home. Also, do you recommend that a family member is present for... READ MORE

How long does it take to book a procedure?

I know that each practice is different and have different levels of service but on average how soon after your consultation/booking can they get you... READ MORE

How much should a good personal relationship with a doctor or a surgeon be before someone does a cosmetic operation?

I saw the doctor one minute. I saw an assistant one hour. But the doctor who operated me one min. Is this unusual? how much a good time and... READ MORE

What is all this hype about not having plastic surgery when Mercury is in retrograde?

I've been told I need to reschedule my surgery because Mercury is in retrograde. I researched it and every site tells me I will not have good results,... READ MORE

What is the Best Time for Surgery?

What time are surgeries usually performed, in the morning or afternoon? READ MORE

How long until 3D printed real bones are used for cosmetic purposes?

I've asked around and have been told we are "years" away from that. Nonetheless, I can't imagine it being more than 10 years. Considering how fast... READ MORE

How Much Surgery is Too Much?

Can a healthy 60 yr woman get 11 dental implants with sinus lift. Within 36 hours have surgery for a full tummy tuck with muscles repair due to... READ MORE

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