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Best Procedure to Remove Saddle Bags?

I have had large outer thighs my whole life, despite diet and exercise. I am not overweight and never have been.I would appreciate a number of options... READ MORE

Cost and Recovery to Expect for Multiple Cosmetic Procedures?

After reading the People Magazine article about the girl from "The Hills", I think I might be able to have some improvement without looking... READ MORE

Multiple Procedures in Mexico Safe if the Doctor is on ISAPS?

I am planning on getting multiple procedures done in Mexico (breast augmentation, MACS lift, Pixel laser, liposculpture on abs and thighs). Is it a... READ MORE

I Am 30 Years Old and I Look Like I'm Pregnant

But I'm not. I have probly 15-20 pounds just in my stomach. I am very serious on getting the surgery done. But Before I start setting up a million... READ MORE

Is There a Way to Fill the Space Between my Thighs ?

Im 23 years old (5p3, 107lbs) i have this complexion about my slim thighs not only they're slim but they're not even straight! The top of my... READ MORE

Appropriate Order of Several Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Does it make sense to have a central lower lift and breast implants done; then 3 months later, aggressive Liposuction in thighs and knees; and then a... READ MORE

Fatty Deposit In My Thigh. Can Plastic Surgery Help the Numbness?

A few years ago I fell and hurt my thigh quite badly with swelling and bruising. I now have a fatty deposit confirmed by MRI. This is causing numbness... READ MORE

What can be done to stop my shoulders looking so monstrously huge?

I have a small waist (24ish inches), wide hips (35 inches high hip) and a small ribcage (28 inches at my underbust) coupled with a small bust (36... READ MORE

What is Best to Take out Huge Flabs at the Side of my Ribs and Arms As Well As my Thighs?

I just need a procedure that can take out the excess flab on my side (rib cage to waist/hip), my arms then if possible my thighs. I don't expect... READ MORE

Can my thigh dips be fixed? (Photo)

I have been told by 2 surgeons that this area can not be fixed. I am 5'5 and 124 lbs. READ MORE

How can I get bigger thighs?

So i'm a transgender and i want bigger thighs/ legs to get that curvy figure what procedure would i have to do and the cost ? READ MORE

How to Lose my Tummy Fat??

Im obse with big tummy thighs n arms READ MORE

Fat Necrosis and Massage After Heavy Blow to Thigh Area

I had a heavy blow to the thigh around four months ago. At the time the area was heavily swollen. This has now subsided but I have been left with a... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Options to Improve Scar and Hip Area Aesthetics?

I was in a bad car accident where I fractured my femur and my pelvic bone. I had to get a metal plate with screws implanted, which was later removed.... READ MORE

How Much Do I Save by Having Multiple Procedures?

I am figuring out my budget/time to plan a breast augmentation (quoted $4800), medial thigh lift (?), and abdominoplasty (quoted $5-8K). How much are... READ MORE

Pro Bono Surgery - Is It Available?

I 18 years old and i have worked out since i was 13, but i have always had a"baby pouch" for a stomach and am covered in strech marks, and... READ MORE

Thigh Muscle Reduction?

I was curious if there is any surgery that reduces the muscle in your thighs? I'm aware that liposuction can only remove fat, and a thigh lift removes... READ MORE

What Can Be Done when Your Outer Upper Thighs Are Sunken In?

What is it called when your outer upper thighs are sucken in. What type of surgery can be done? what is the average cost? How long does the surgey... READ MORE

Thigh implants possible? (photo)

I want to get curvier thighs like the ones in this picture. I know there was a study done on patient satisfaction with lateral thigh implants but I... READ MORE

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