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Do Patients Pass Gas or Have Bowel Movements Under Anesthesia?

I am just curious if patients ever pass gas, pee or poop whilst under anesthesia ? I've read they can not and I have read they often do . READ MORE

If I have schizophrenia and ocd, can I still get plastic surgery if I'm on medication to treat it?

I have struggled with these two issue since I was a young child, just hoping it wont get in the way of this. I know it may see like a silly question... READ MORE

What kind of surgery can I have done to my toes? (photos)

I honesty don't like my toes can't even wear sandles or anything cute open shoes is there anything that can be done to have nice toes ?? READ MORE

My belly looks exactly like a "B" from the side. Is this normal ? How do I get rid of it? (photos)

It cuts right through my belly button and I have two halves the top and bottom and I can't wear tight tops because it then looks weird and crop tops... READ MORE

Untreated craniosynostosis, what surgery do I need? (photo)

I have untreated craniosynostosis's limits my career so much...made me an indoor 26...please what type of surgery do I need....and how... READ MORE

Permanent eye color procedure

Is there any eye color surgery that will change your natural eye color here in Texas? I'm just curious READ MORE

Is it possible to enlarge the wrist size through surgery?

I have tiny wrists which is embarassing since I am a man. They measure 6,8 in and every bracelet or watch looks horrible on me. I really wanted them... READ MORE

Plastic surgeon and Orthognatic surgeon consult desperately needed. (Photos)

Had jaw surgery 3 wks ago (5mm advanced and 5 lowered) pls see my b4photos 2 y ago on RS.Now my entire face is crooked and I fear Ive ruined my life... READ MORE

Would you recommend the lending club for plastic surgery loans?

Hi I am 18 years old and dont have any credit yet. I have half my surgery money I just need $1800-1900. I wanted to know if any of you have experience... READ MORE

When should I start getting blood testing done post blood transfusion in Thailand, and what are the tests needed?

I recently underwent cosmetic proceedures overseas in Phuket Thailand, and lost a lot of blood during anesthesia and surgery. I was given 2 bags of... READ MORE

I've taken Maxalt and Excedrin Migraine 5 days out. Should I reschedule my surgery?

I am a migraine sufferer. I have had to take Maxalt a lot over the past week and today 5 weeks out I had to take Excedrin Migraine with it to work.... READ MORE

Is there anyone who can help me find a doctor who does cosmetic hip implants and where?

I have been doing research to see if i can find a doctor who does cosmetic hip implant surgery. I haven't had any luck. I don't want to do a fat... READ MORE

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