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Taking Vitamins Before Cosmetic Surgery

Several websites state there are vitamins you need to stay away from before surgery. However, none of the sites identify which ones shouldn't be... READ MORE

Vitamin Suppliments before surgery with general anesthesia okay?

I know that I cannot take vitamin E or fish oil but is it safe to continue taking Magnesium and B-12? READ MORE

Supplements and Surgery

What supplements, vitamins, herbs, foods and ect do I need to get off of before surgery? What supplements help after surgery? READ MORE

Are There Supplements/Vitamins That Are Surgery Specific Pre/post Surgery?

I bought pre/post surgery specific vitamin and suppliment kit for my plastic surgery, is this recommended? Ill advised? Help READ MORE

I take a probiotic, vitamin d and fiber powder that I put in my green smoothies. Are these ok to take before surgery? 2w po

My surgeon said they are fine to take...but I figured more opinions wouldn't hurt. He also said I was fine to continue my multivitamin but I stopped... READ MORE

Do supplements need to be disclosed.

I have recently started taking magnesium, and I am getting great relief from a long running anxiety disorder. I am only taking 600 mg /day. Do... READ MORE

What is recommended to combat post-operative exhaustion/extreme fatigue?

I'm wondering if there are any vitamins or supplements that can help with this debilitating after effect caused by some surgeries, especially long... READ MORE

Tips Do You to Reduce Swelling and Speed Up Recovery

I've heard that pineapple juice, or fresh pineapple and lots of water help, less salt (not sure how much that means) and that exercise can... READ MORE

Are there any height growth supplements (pills) that i can take to get taller?

Are there height growth supplements that increase your height if you're coming to the end of puberty with an unsatisfied height due to genetics? I was... READ MORE

Can I take my pre and post workout drinks, calcium, multivitamin, biotin, probiotic, glucosamine before my plastic surgery?

My surgeon said to stop everything but he is unaware that when stopping biotin cold my hair starts to fall out and my post workout drinks help me... READ MORE

What supplements/supplies should I stock up on for post op recovery?

My surgery is scheduled for 12/28 and I have the narcotics, hydroxizine and antibiotics filled. Just wondering if there is anything else this... READ MORE

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