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How Long Until Dissolvable Stitches Usually Dissolve?

I crushed my finger while working out and had plastic surgery to fix it. The stitches are still there.I asked my doctor, and he said that the stitches... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Dissolvable Stitches to Dissolve?

I had an accessory nipple removed 3 weeks ago & the dissolvable stitches at the beginning & end of the incision are still there. All of the... READ MORE

Should I go to a doctor about a wound reopening after the stitches were removed?

I recently had a pilonidal cyst excised. Ten days after the surgery my stitches were removed, thinking the opening was healing very well. It has been... READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned About my Stitches Not Dissolving?

My body has never tolerated Dissolving Stitches, they don't dissolve & have to be cut out. I still have mine from a hernia repair 4 years ago! I'm... READ MORE

A Blue Stitch In My Belly?

I had a surgery many years ago, I was like 7 years old. Today I found a blue stitch( it looks like it) in my belly where the scar is. I removed it and... READ MORE

I Had a Accident on 3rd July, 2011. I Have Desolvable Stitches Very Close to my Left Eye.

I have desolvable stitches very close to my left eye. Can you please tell me, how long it will take to get desolved? Thanks in advance. READ MORE

I Had a Infusion Pump Implanted Last October and the Stitches Are Not Dissovled Yet?

The real truth is the pump that I am talking about was removed and the stitches from that operation really bother me and was a poor job on the scar... READ MORE

Stitches Removed After 6 Days - Wound Still Open

My 3 yr old split open under her chin when stiches were removed 6 days later (today) the wound was still quite open. what can i do to minimize the damage? READ MORE

How can I help a traumatized nail bed to heal? (photos)

I smashed my finger two months ago (broken, required a few stitches) and am wondering if/when I can expect the nail bed to return to normal. Is there... READ MORE

A cut to my lip that was stitched recently reopened, will I need to get it stitched up again?

I got in this altercation with another intoxicated person and he sucker punched me. Left me with a broken tooth and a bad cut on my lip. Went in and... READ MORE

Can Stitches Remain in Skin Even if Not Dissolvable Stitches?

Because of late appointment, I saw the doctor after 17 days from elbow surgery. Before see the doctor bleeding from one spot. Doctor asked nurse to... READ MORE

Stitches failed to bond skin together?

When I gave birth, dissolvable stitches were put in place around the vaginal opening, vaginal canal and my labiaminora. I took great care of the area... READ MORE

Do I need to see a doctor to have some white thread stitches coming out from a puncture wound?

I was bite by a pittbull and had about two puncture wounds and some bite marks. I just noticed some white thread coming out. I want to know if I need... READ MORE

Hardness Under Incision After 2 Years

I met with an accident, i got stitches by plastic surgeon, Now after almost two years, i can feel the hardness under the skin, it has not been... READ MORE

Is there an alternative stitch procedure for deep stitches which avoids the necessity for soluble stitches? (photo)

I had a lot of plastic surgery for pilonidal sinus. What's protracted it is the use of soluble stitches by one surgeon after he was told they don't... READ MORE

After stitches removal, is it normal to feel a hard lump on the wound? (Pohto)

My dog bit me two weeks ago on my right side of my face/upper lip so the plastic surgeon put 35 stitches on my face. After the removal, I've felt a... READ MORE

Wounds of bypass surgery are not healing 4 months after restitch & plastic surgery. Are the doctors responsible for this?(Photo)

My mother suffered from major heart blockage age 72 yrs is diabetic patient.we did angiography .Then doctors did bipass surgery.After that there was... READ MORE

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