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Gortex or Silicone Implant to Augment Philtrum?

I would like my philtrum in between my nose and mouth augmented should I use a gortex implant or a silicone implant? What are the risks? It doesn't... READ MORE

Is a Second Revision of Pectus Excavatum Possible?

I'm 35 years old. I did a correction of pectus excavatum 13 years ago by Ravitch method. The final result wasn't very good. I've a lower... READ MORE

Silicone Testicular Prosthesis

Three years ago i had a testicular prosthesis put in . A liquid silicone ,i think its started to leak and i am expiriencing lumps and swelling, what... READ MORE

Can Hardening Silicone Be Treated with Radio Frequency and Cavitation?

I have silicone in my buttocks . My massage therapist has been applying Radio Frequency and cavitation and it seems to be getting softer, is this a... READ MORE

One day, in your wildest dreams, could there ever be such a thing as testicular implants?

Maybe even silicone. My husband has had testicular cancer and we conceived. I was inspired by him. READ MORE

I've saved up enough money and want to get deltoid implants very soon. (Photo)

I don't want fat grafting sorry i'm a student with not enough money so please don't post that, I need implants. Look at the picture, they used... READ MORE

Rephrasing my question, what's the better choice for shoulders to have that broad look, fat grafting or implants?

I'm a male and I have some what a narrow frame, but my shoulders aren't that bad and they aren't bony but i want them to be reshaped a little bit into... READ MORE

How much can one expect to increase the width of their hips using only a hip implant? and which surgeons in the US perform it?

People keep telling me that only Dr. Nikolas Chugay performs hip implants using solid silicone implants. I want to know if there is anyone else and if... READ MORE

These questions are about the 3 piece inflatable penile implant. When pumped up, does the penis point upward or downward?

2. When pumped up, is the penis more harder than a normal healthy erection or just about the same, or is it softer? 3. Can the saline solution used in... READ MORE

Is it possible to replace ribs with a 'soft' silicone for extreme body contouring?

I'm into corset training and want to aim for an extreme cartoon appearance. I know rib removal is possible and not recommended. But the results, while... READ MORE

Silicone implant capsule, I have a testicle implant which needs to be removed, how easily will the capsule come out?

How is the capsule around an implant work? I mean is it infused to the surrounding tissue? I have a testicle implant which needs removing. I am... READ MORE

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