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Is There a Surgery to Reduce the Width of my Shoulders?

I am a woman with wide manly shoulders that do not match the rest of my body. i have virtually no hips and since I have begun to lose weight my... READ MORE

I have really big broad/wide shoulders. Can I reduce them smaller to match my body?

People always told me I have a very "big back" and it never really bother me til I got older. I have a small waist & a small butt & size D boobs . I... READ MORE

Extreme Plastic Surgery: Procedures to Narrow Shoulders and Rib Cage?

What is the name of the procedure to make shoulders, ribs etc. narrower? I realize this is quite extreme, but I'm looking for information on... READ MORE

How Much Does the Removal of Buffalo Hump Cost?

How much does the removal of shoulder hump, or buffalo hump, cost? READ MORE

Best Surgery to Balance Out Broad Shoulders

I'm 5'0 tall with very broad/wide shoulders and very small waist, I want to get either a boob job or a butt job, I don't want both just 1... READ MORE

My shoulders are extremely uneven. What do you think is wrong? Can I fix this? (Photo)

When I lift my arms out, my shoulders look extremely uneven. I have heard that the shoulder of your dominant hand may be a little lower, but I am... READ MORE

Is There Any Surgery to Make Shoulders Broader?

I have narrow shoulders and I wonder if there is any procedure to make my shoulders some what broader? READ MORE

Is there a surgery to narrow broad shoulders?

I have extremly broad shoulders and want to get them narrowed is there any possible way to do so the smallest information will help thank you READ MORE

Is there any way, or a surgery to reduce the width of broad shoulders? Reduce the ribcage or anything? (Photo)

If there is no way, Is making my hips wide will help my shoulder not to look broad ?????? READ MORE

I Was Wondering if There's a Procedure to Reduce my Height and Shoulder Size As Well As Calf Muscle Size? (photo)

I'm a 21 year old transgendered female and while my friends say i'm pretty and i don't have any trouble dating really, i just personally hate how i... READ MORE

Reduce Broad Shoulders?

My shoulders are completely out of place, they are as massive as they possibly could yet. It would flatter my body if I was tall, but I'm not.... READ MORE

Are There Any Cosmetic Procedures out There to Reduce Broad Shoulders?

I have extremely broad shoulders and very narrow hips. Is there any procedure I could go through to reduce the broadness of my shoulders and help... READ MORE

Deltoid implants for shoulder augmentation? (photo)

I'm looking for shoulder to shoulder width enlargement. As i know there are no shoulder / clavicle enlargement, would the deltoid augmentation be the... READ MORE

How can I get rid of broad shoulders with masculine hands and feet thru surgery?

I'm 17. I'm a male. I'm 5"4". Have broad shoulders. Big, bony, manly feet. Big, masculine hands. Pleaseee help meee READ MORE

Is There Any Surgery That Can Shave Down the Scapula or Reduce the with of Shoulders?

My shoulder blade sticks out a lot and makes me self conscious. I'm really happy with my body in every other way, i'm 5'8, I play soccer and run a lot... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Reduce the Width of my Shoulders? As well as a Surgery to Widen my Hips?

I'm a transwoman who couldn't undergo HRT during puberty because my parents didn't approve and I had no legal say over them at those ages. I'm close... READ MORE

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