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Is There a Procedure for Shaving Bone off the Back of the Head? (photo)

I have a hooked shaped bony area at the back of my skull that my skin folds over. Is there a procedure that can shave it down so that it is smooth and... READ MORE

I want to know if there is any way I can change the shape of my back. Could it be shaven down or fat sucked out? (Photo)

Don't know whether it is my sacrum protruding abnormally, because the bump is excess fat that I can grab. It disappears in when I lie down and do a... READ MORE

Can bone be shaved off your backhead? Big head troubles (Photo)

I have a very large head with a pretty big "bony dent" in one side of the backhead. It makes it look even larger, and i was wondering if there is any... READ MORE

I have very broad shoulders , almost masculine. This can operate on ?

I have very broad shoulders , almost masculine.Is there a way to shave down the bone ( surgery) or something? READ MORE

Has the top of the head ever been shaved down, similar to the brow bone reduction procedure? (Photo)

I have a theory that baldness is a response to bone growth in the head that puts pressure on the hair follicles which causes them to fall out due to... READ MORE

Any doctors near New Jersey that perform brow bone reduction?

The left side of my brow bone protrudes slightly more than the right side and I'd like to have it shaved down. READ MORE

Can you perform a tracheal shave on a V shaped thyroid?

I have a protruding Adam's apple and have looked into getting a tracheal shave done. But as I was reading about the procedure and how it works, I've... READ MORE

Is it possible to reduce the horizontal projection of the Iliac Crest via bone shaving/reduction? (Photo)

I am an amateur bodybuilder with hips that are wide relative to the width of my ribcage. I find that this takes away from my v-taper (an important... READ MORE

Is there a surgery to slim/shave hip bones?

I am a 5"10 model with 37 inch hips but I weigh 59 kg's so I can't really loose much more weight on my hips. Is there a surgery to slim the actual... READ MORE

Does rib shaving have a procedure name that I can research? What are the risks involved?

My PS told me that he could use a pair of rongers and a rasp to shave down one of my ribs that protrudes a little at the same time as my BA. The... READ MORE

Is hip shaving surgery a thing?

As a bodybuilder, hip to shoulder ratio is very important, and 2 inch smaller hips could completely change my career. Is there any sort of plastic... READ MORE

I have a pointy lump on my head that is like to get shaved down to round it out. Is this possible? (photos)

I have done some research online and have seen similar cases where the bone was shaved or sculpted with bone cement but having problems finding a... READ MORE

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