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Is There Any Way to Change Head Shape?

I have a head shaped like egg. also my forehead and chin are receding, that makes me very ugly from profile view. is there anyway to change head shape? READ MORE

How to Get Longer, Narrower Face

I want to have a face that's more womanly, more sharp and alert-looking, and not like a childlike version of my father's. I'm 22 years old. I think it... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change Forehead Shape from Pointed to Flat?

If your forehead is pointed, is there any way to reduce it so it is flat? READ MORE

Can I get an implant to correct the shape of my head? (Photo)

I do not like the shape of my head. The back is vary flat and looks like it's just been chopped off. Is there an implant that can correct this and... READ MORE

Is there a plastic surgery treatment to alter or reduce the shape of my hips? (Photo)

I believe my hips are a abnormal 'shelf' like shape, so I was wondering is surgery can change the hip bone shape itself? This may be due to the... READ MORE

Crooked rib cage, middle of ribs off center, unflattering body shape. Is surgery needed? (Photo)

I wore a back brace until I was 15. I have a crooked rib cage, however my spine is straight. I have had scoliosis in the past, but my ribs are still... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Rihanna's Facial Bone Structure Thru Surgery?

If so, how much would it cost and how much time would it take to heal? Can I also get the shape of her eyes? Will it have anything with my eyelashes? READ MORE

Can You Change Your Face Shape?

Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to change your face shape? READ MORE

Procedure to Make Eye Shape Almond?

I don't like the shape of my eyes. I've noticed that when my eyes settle into a relaxed expression they tend to look somewhat sleepy. I don't like the... READ MORE

What Procedures Will Help Me Get a More Hourglass Shape?

I've always had sort of a stocky, straight shape (not overweight, just not very shapely). My waist doesn't taper in very much, and I just don't look... READ MORE

How Will Surgery After Weight Loss Affect Surgery After Pregnancy?

I'm 18 and am getting a lapband soon and after I lose weight (goal 100 pounds). I will need plastic surgery to have a body I feel good about and like... READ MORE

How to Determine the Best Plastic Surgery Procedure for the Nose?

How can I know the best plastic surgery procedure for my nose? What shape is best? Is there a software program that can draw the shape of my new nose... READ MORE

Back of head is large and misshapen, can it be fixed?

My head circumference is 22" and I'm 5'11, 130lbs. I hate how I look from side on, the back of my head is very round like a bean shape and seems... READ MORE

Can the Shape of the Glans Penis Be Changed?

I'm sorry if this is an inappropriate question, but I could not find anything at all on the internet about this. Thank you for your answer in advance. READ MORE

I Have an Egg Shaped Head. You Can Change Your Nose, Can You Change Your Head?

You can change your nose, your ears your eyes etc. Can you change your head the same way? An egg shaped head is unflattering. READ MORE

Can Anything Change Your Face Growth During Puberty or Earlier the Way That Its Not Reversible?

Is it true that sleeping with open mouth can change a kids face growth? overbites and underbites can be fixed but if a kid doesn't get the right... READ MORE

How can I change my head shape? Is it abnormal? (Photo)

My head shape is not ideal. As you can see , not only the back is flat but the highest point in curve isn't at the centre (side profile) but is at the... READ MORE

I have an odd shaped head, is there anyway i can still change the shape?

I have a Bird shaped face that my face sticks out. Am i too old already to change the shape Of it? Age 15 READ MORE

Are there any procedures I could safely have to improve my appearance if I have had Scoliosis surgery? (photo)

Hello, i have really been quite ashamed of my body for a number of years. the reason being i have scoliosis, i had corrective surgery when i was 12... READ MORE

How do I get an hour glass figure? (Photos)

I'm 5'3 and I weight 110lbs. I have square shaped hips and I've always disliked the way they looked. The picture I posted is me without editing and... READ MORE

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