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How Does Smoking Affect Healing and Scarring After Plastic Surgery?

I'm a smoker. They (any facial surgeon) say you MUST quit smoking 2-6 weeks before and I'm having a real problem. I went from 20 to 24 cigs. a day... READ MORE

Average Time for Scars to Flatten After Plastic Surgery?

I know everyone's healing process varies, but from what you've seen in follow ups from your paitents, whats the average time for a scar to flatten? ... READ MORE

Does Rib Removal Leave Big Noticable Scars?

I want to get rib removal but I don't want to get big scars on my body, does rib removal surgery leave deep scar and can they fade away over time? READ MORE

Surgical Procedure That Can Make a Mouth Less Wide?

Is there a surgical procedure for making the mouth less wide (horizontally)? I know a lip reduction reduces the lip vertically, so to speak, but if... READ MORE

Side Effects of Removing Large Lumps in Cheeks?

What are the side effects of surgically removing 2 large lumps from cheeks? The lumps are on both cheeks (right under the jaw line and on both sides... READ MORE

Procedures for Excess Fat and Multiple Surgery Scars?

What can be done with excess fat and multiple scars from C-section, appendix surgery, and gall bladder surgery? READ MORE

I Have Seen Surgeries Where the Incisions Seen Very Significant is There a Way to Reduce?

Can an incision be made to not look so apparent? I know its possible I'm asking a miracle I have just looked online at several surgeries and it... READ MORE

What is the most conservative surgery to eliminate loose skin, reveal muscle, & repair about a .5" muscle separation? (photos)

I am 39 and my skin is thin... after two pregnancies it stretched quite a bit. At night my stomach looks rounded regardless if I have a full or empty... READ MORE

I Had a Infusion Pump Implanted Last October and the Stitches Are Not Dissovled Yet?

The real truth is the pump that I am talking about was removed and the stitches from that operation really bother me and was a poor job on the scar... READ MORE

My 20 month old child bumped his head 2 weeks ago. Does he need sutures or repair? (photo)

My 20 months old boy bumped his head with the edge of the wall 2 weeks ago ,we went to the er and they glued the wound yesterday the steristrips fell... READ MORE

What can I do if I was mislead by a physician's consultation?

How to protect my right if I got wrong consultation information from a surgeon? I asked a surgeon about will his protocol leaves scar or not? If it'll... READ MORE

What is the Next Best Alternative for a Full Facelift for an Adult?

Cannot have incisions in hairline due to lack of hair. Therefore, am cautious of even an endoscopic operation. Great health, otherwise. READ MORE

Knee Lift Scar Location

I have had a thigh lift and now me knees look very saggy and they have a crease in them like an elderly women may have, im 26, could the scar of a... READ MORE

Will having hidradenitis supperativa prevent me from having plastic surgery?

I have had a pretty bad case of hidradenitis supperativa my entire life. I have tons of scars that would likely be removed along with the excess skin... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Options to Improve Scar and Hip Area Aesthetics?

I was in a bad car accident where I fractured my femur and my pelvic bone. I had to get a metal plate with screws implanted, which was later removed.... READ MORE

Due to phimosis I had a circumcision 17 days ago. Should I try to clean off the dry blood?

Underneath where the frenulum was there is a small bit of skin not fully attached. It bleeds slightly and now there is a build up of dry blood... READ MORE

Rib removal for uneven ribcage?

My bottom left rib protrudes noticeably further than my right. I've tried to do some research on this procedure, but mostly what I'm finding is that... READ MORE

Is there a way to surgically retract the foreskin without removing any tissue?

When circumcised, a male retains some of their inner foreskin and it is then brought to the shaft skin and fused. Some circumcisions remove more shaft... READ MORE

Can I ask for a refund after bad surgery?

If I have obvious disfigurment in my face immeditely after plastic surgery like brown scar or first degree burn never fade within two months. Can I... READ MORE

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