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Extremely Saggy Scrotum - Can It Be Changed? (photo)

HI there, I have always been very self concious of my scrotum as it is extremely saggy, has a lot of excess skin and often causes discomfort. It... READ MORE

Will I Have to Stop Taking my Lorazepam Prescription Before my Plastic Surgery Procedures?

I have been taking lorazepam for awhile now for anxiety. I know I will have bad withdrawals if I stop. I know they prescribe it before procedures.... READ MORE

Rib removal plastic surgery- What are the risks?

What are the risks... and is it possible for the ribs to be crushed and pushed in instead of removed. READ MORE

Is it safe for me to take one or two clonazepam before surgery to settle my nerves, or will it interact badly with anesthesia?

Is it ok for me to take one or two clonazepam (Klonopin) before surgery to settle my nerves. Will that interact badly with the anesthesia? I do not... READ MORE

Does Bulimia Make It Any Riskier to Have Plastic Surgery?

I'm specifically concerned about anesthesia issues, not the stitches that could be obviously be damaged by repeated vomitting. READ MORE

Cheekbone Reduction Surgery?

How does cheekbone reduction work? How much does it cost, what are the risks, etc. READ MORE

What Could Be the Risks in Temple Augmentation?

What are the risks of temple augmentation using an implant or bone paste/hydroxyapatite? Is a large incision made coronal or small in the hairline? READ MORE

Will smoking a hooka affect my surgery? Also will being around unavoidable cigarette smoke affect my scars.

The hooka I smoke contains no tar, nicotine, or tobacco and I do not smoke it heavily only on like an every other day basis. The unavoidable cigarette... READ MORE

Hydroxyapatite Granuals Mandibular Angle Implant Risks?

I am looking into augmenting my jaw using hydroxyapatite granuals. What are the risks associated with using this material? It seems a more custom... READ MORE

Large Hematoma In Abdomen Already Drained 4x- What Is My Next Step?

At first someone told me it was a seroma. But, it is not and is a hematoma. It has been drained four times at least. And, is still huge. One doctor... READ MORE

Macrocytic Anemia and Plastic Surgery

I have macrocytic anemia and wanted to know how safe it is to have plastic surgery (breast implants and PAL lipo)? READ MORE

Is It a Good Idea to Go to Plastic Surgeons Whom Are Still in Residency?

I hear results are just as good. I livw in new orleans and the surgery would be performed at the Lsu medical i hear. I have a consult... READ MORE

Increased Risks with Length of Time Under General Anesthesia?

I am concerned about the length of time spent under general anesthesia. Are there increased risks with length of time exposed to the anesthetics? READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Risks for a Heavy Smoker Prone to Keloids?

I have a keloid scar from a past operation due to car accident. I am a heavy smoker, never exercise, and I am 46 yrs old. Can I get a breast... READ MORE

Risks of Jaw Enhancement?

I am interested in getting rhinoplasty surgery done. Most surgeons that I have seen try to convince me to bring my jaw forward as well as to refine... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of Traveling Outside US for Plastic Surgery?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having plastic surgery outside US, especially Brazillian Butt Lift or Breast Augmentation? I'm concerned... READ MORE

Can I Have a Glass of Wine 2 Days After Surgery?

Can I Have a Glass of Wine 2 Days After Surgery? READ MORE

Developed DVT and Pulmonary Embolism, Too High Risk to have TT, Lipo, and BBL?

With my first pregnancy at the age of 19 I developed a DVT and pulmonary embolisim. I was put on Lovenox shots. With the following 2 pregnancies I was... READ MORE

Is There Such a Thing As Height Reduction Surgery?

I am looking at reducing my height only a little (apx 3 inches or so). Is there any way that this can be done? what are the long term risks and any... READ MORE

Are there height reduction surgery or other ways how to get shorter?

I'm a 5'9 tall girl and it's really getting me down. I feel like I'm towering almost everybody I meet. I've heard about height reduction surgery, so... READ MORE

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