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The More Expensive the Plastic Surgery, the Better the Results?

By buying a house, an auto or a watch it is normally so: the more you pay, the more you get. Is that valid when choosing a plastic surgeon or is it... READ MORE

Is a Second Revision of Pectus Excavatum Possible?

I'm 35 years old. I did a correction of pectus excavatum 13 years ago by Ravitch method. The final result wasn't very good. I've a lower... READ MORE

How to Check Doctors' Real Reviews and Results?

I went in for a consultation, was very impressed: great staff, very nice doctor. I went home researched other places, decided to go with the doctor I... READ MORE

Fake Pictures on Plastic Surgeon Websites?

I'm very interested in going to a plastic surgeon, but I'm suspicious of their before and after photos. How can I verify that these were actually... READ MORE

How to Raise Post-surgery Concerns with a Surgeon

I'm unhappy with the results of a surgery performed many months ago, and wish to raise this with the doctor who performed it. I'm very nervous... READ MORE

How Can I Research a Cosmetic Treatment to Find out if It Really Works?

Where should prospective patients look to find scientific, objective validation of a procedure? No one who stands to benefit financially from offering... READ MORE

Can I Get Back Muscles Through Implants for Men?

I need to know if I can get back muscles through implants for men, The upper back muscles which makes your back look wider??? READ MORE

Are Surgeons Required to Gather and Report Statistics on Outcomes?

Just wondering if there are systems in place for surgeons to follow up on post-surgical outcomes - not only in terms of the success of the procedure,... READ MORE

How to Have Surgery and Still Look Natural?

Why is it that you can tell when someone has had surgery? Is there a way to avoid looking as if you had work done? Does it have to do with the surgeon? READ MORE

Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging Skin Care

Is it true that the results from plastic surgery are only as good as the skin its applied on?. id like to think that my dedication to looking after my... READ MORE

What should the patient conclude if a board-certified cosmetic surgeon has no before/after photographs to display?

I read that a patient should always request to see photographs of a cosmetic surgeon's results before undergoing a procedure. What if the surgeon has... READ MORE

Selecting a surgeon - there are good and poor ASPS doctors?

After much research, I have learned to look for a surgeon who is ASPS, has good before and after pics (which is hard to judge since results are not... READ MORE

What advancements can we expect in the field of cosmetic surgery within the next 10 years (photos)

Will face scanners assist in achieving desired results? Will there be better and more precise options for lip augmentation? Such as making lips wider... READ MORE

How do you follow-up on out-of-state and international patients after surgery?

With regard to out-of-state and international patients that develop concerns after surgery and need feedback about the result: how do you as a surgeon... READ MORE

Is it possible to visualize the end result of a procedure prior to it being performed?

If so, what are some specific procedures where such demo be or be not possible? READ MORE

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