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How Can I Research a Cosmetic Treatment to Find out if It Really Works?

Where should prospective patients look to find scientific, objective validation of a procedure? No one who stands to benefit financially from offering... READ MORE

Are Surgeons Required to Gather and Report Statistics on Outcomes?

Just wondering if there are systems in place for surgeons to follow up on post-surgical outcomes - not only in terms of the success of the procedure,... READ MORE

What is the American Association of Physician Specialties (AAPS)?

Researching doctors and one of them says he is a "board-certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon" certified by the American Association of... READ MORE

If a doctor is certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery instead of Plastic Surgery, is that bad?

After lots of researching on the web I found a dr I like but I'm not sure if him not being certified by the American board of plastic surgery if a... READ MORE

Can a Canadian citizen finance a procedure in the US?

I am looking to have a procedure done in the United States but I am a Canadian citizen. From the research I have done I was under the impression that... READ MORE

OK so since birth I have had Pectus Excavatum. I was wondering which operation would take least amount of recovery time?

So I've researched quite a bit but I cannot find much information on which one is the fastest for recovery. I'd like the surgery or whatever would... READ MORE

What should I look out for in a Dr's fine print? What should I insist on regarding things noticed or missing in the fine print?

This question is based on the assumption that I've deemed the operating room to be qualified and up to par, and the Dr. to be certified and reputable. READ MORE

If you knew then what you know now...

In two months to the day I will be going under the knife - held by a Resident doctor at a teaching hospital. I will be going on my consultation in a... READ MORE

ASPS VS ASAPS? Is the ASAPS necessary?

All of the docs I am researching are ASPS. Some are not ASAPS. What are those surgeons lacking? Should I avoid ones that aren't ASAPS? READ MORE

Selecting a surgeon - there are good and poor ASPS doctors?

After much research, I have learned to look for a surgeon who is ASPS, has good before and after pics (which is hard to judge since results are not... READ MORE

Sacral dimple. Can it be fixed? (Photo)

I have done some research and crooked bum crack may be a sacral dimple.. I was just wondering if it's able to be fixed... it's quite deep. Any... READ MORE

Rib removal for uneven ribcage?

My bottom left rib protrudes noticeably further than my right. I've tried to do some research on this procedure, but mostly what I'm finding is that... READ MORE

Does rib shaving have a procedure name that I can research? What are the risks involved?

My PS told me that he could use a pair of rongers and a rasp to shave down one of my ribs that protrudes a little at the same time as my BA. The... READ MORE

What is the difference between American board certified and Mexican board certified?

I am looking at going to see Dr. Irving Rodriguez in March and I have just noticed he is not on the American board certified website but he is on the... READ MORE

I have a pointy lump on my head that is like to get shaved down to round it out. Is this possible? (photos)

I have done some research online and have seen similar cases where the bone was shaved or sculpted with bone cement but having problems finding a... READ MORE

Board certified plastic surgeon or not?

If a doctor is on this site and their personal website states that they are certified but doesn't state what they are certified in, what does that... READ MORE

How Would I Start Researching Surgeons? What Do I Look For?

I'm ready to start researching surgeons but I don't know where to start. I know I need to see if they have done a lot of BBL's and fat transfers... READ MORE

What is the difference between the American board of plastic surgery and the American board of cosmetic surgery?

I was researching a specific doctor and noticed that he was certified with the board of cosmetic surgery rather than the board of plastic surgery.... READ MORE

Is there anyone who can help me find a doctor who does cosmetic hip implants and where?

I have been doing research to see if i can find a doctor who does cosmetic hip implant surgery. I haven't had any luck. I don't want to do a fat... READ MORE

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