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Is Rib Removal Dangerous?

I'm a large framed girl and short(5'0) I diet and exercise a lot but I can't get thinner and I still look wide(especially around the... READ MORE

I wanted to ask about rib removal or changing the ribs. How is the price and is it safe? (Photo)

What is the best result and what can i do? How is the price and is it safe? READ MORE

Does Rib Removal Leave Big Noticable Scars?

I want to get rib removal but I don't want to get big scars on my body, does rib removal surgery leave deep scar and can they fade away over time? READ MORE

Costal cartilage/Rib removal or reshaping? (Photo)

Hello. I am an 18 year old female and I am 5'6, 138lbs. I have what appears to be costal cartilage protrusion and wanted to know what options I had on... READ MORE

How much does rib cage removal cost?

Also, how dangerous is it? My waist is 27 inches and I want it permanently smaller. Thank you. READ MORE

Rib removal plastic surgery- What are the risks?

What are the risks... and is it possible for the ribs to be crushed and pushed in instead of removed. READ MORE

I Have a Large Amount of Axillary Breast Tissue Under Both my Armpits and Want Them Surgically Removed Before Pregnancy.

I am 32 years old& hoping to start a family soon.I have been told by a surgeon in Michigan that if the breast tissue is correctly removed that it... READ MORE

Tail of Spence Removal

During pregnancy with my 1st child, I had Tail of Spence swelling. After delivery, it was downright painful - the worst part of pregnancy/delivery.... READ MORE

Pain After Accessory Breast Removal

I had accessory breast removal which included liposuction as wwell done 10 days ago. Now I have a shooting pain from the incised area to the inner... READ MORE

My ribs touch my iliac crest. Am I a candidate for rib removal?

I'm 39 years old and had spondolythedos surgery when I was 12. I am fused from L3-S1. My lower ribs are actually lower than the top of my iliac crests... READ MORE

Risks of Mandible Implant Removal

I had a mandible implant done 15 months ago and I feel that my profile has not improved and I've compromised the way I look from the front view. I... READ MORE

Little tiny sixth finger in an adult. Is there any safe way to remove them?

Hi, I was born with this little tiny quarter of an inch in size of flesh next two my little fingers. Although they are very little but sometimes they... READ MORE

Would You Recommend Removing Ribs to Achieve a More Feminine Waistline?

My body shape looks masculine from in front due to an almost indiscernible waistline. I heard that some people have a rib or two removed on each side... READ MORE

Scrotal Cyst Removal Incision Not Healing Properly

I recently had several scrotal cysts removed by my doctor. The surgery went well and he stitched me up. I had my followup appointment with him about 3... READ MORE

Is There Surgery to Reduce the Size of Trapezius Muscles?

I'm female, and have rather pronounced traps as a genetic inheritance from my father. Given that I have a short neck in the first place, the traps... READ MORE

Is rib removal of the ribs on the very bottom safe?

If the very bottom ribs are vital to the structure of my body I absolutely would not want them removed. Health is far more important than beauty. I do... READ MORE

Does rib removal leave ugly scars? Which part? How expensive is the surgery?

Hi Doctor, I m from Argentina, Im slim but short and I dont have a nice waist, I really like to done this sergury but Im worry about the scars, I dont... READ MORE

Muscle removed from leg after accident: Is there any plastic surgery for legs to look normal?

Two years back i met with an accident and surgery has done to my left leg for fracture. Doctor removed some muscle from my leg and he grafted the left... READ MORE

Any recommendation for tail of Spence or axillary breast tissue removal?

I am really more than ready to have my armpit fat (tail of spence or axillary breast tissue) removed so I can wear bathing suits and sleeveless tops.... READ MORE

Can a Bump Leftover from a Clavicle Fracture Be Removed?

I fractured my left clavicle about 4.5 months ago. Surgery was not indicated, and my doctor did not anticipate I would be left with a bump. Well,... READ MORE

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