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Is There a Surgery to Reduce the Width of my Shoulders?

I am a woman with wide manly shoulders that do not match the rest of my body. i have virtually no hips and since I have begun to lose weight my... READ MORE

Is there a plastic surgery treatment to alter or reduce the shape of my hips? (Photo)

I believe my hips are a abnormal 'shelf' like shape, so I was wondering is surgery can change the hip bone shape itself? This may be due to the... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce Calf Size Without Surgery?

Whats' the quickest non-surgical way to reduce calf size? If there isn't really one, what do you suggest is the safest procedure to get results? READ MORE

How Do I Reduce my Very Prominent Mons Pubis?

I'm 19,5'4 & I weigh 127 pounds. I'm not at all over weight, and i have a flat stomach but i have a very prominent mons pubis. I know... READ MORE

Cheekbone Reduction Surgery?

How does cheekbone reduction work? How much does it cost, what are the risks, etc. READ MORE

Are There Any Supplements, Medications, Creams or Products to Decrease Swelling?

Ice, Arnica Montana and Prdnisone are not reducing the swelling. Is there anything else? READ MORE

Surgery to reduce the size of the back of my head? (photo)

Is there a relatively non-risk surgical procedure that can reduce the size of the back of my head? I realise that this question may be attributed to... READ MORE

Best Way to Reduce Butt Size?

Hi, I'm 23 years old and all of my life, I have had a bigger bottom and have been considering doing something about it. What is the best way to reduce... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Shorten the Philtrum by 1 to 2mm?

If so, does it dramatically change the initial form of the lips and philtrum? I am happy with the shape of these features, I just think the space... READ MORE

I wanted to know if there was anyway to reduce the appearance of the asymmetry of my eyes. (photos)

It appears to me as though there is a slight difference in the height and depth between the eyes. I don't mind some asymmetry but this is very... READ MORE

Is there any way, or a surgery to reduce the width of broad shoulders? Reduce the ribcage or anything? (Photo)

If there is no way, Is making my hips wide will help my shoulder not to look broad ?????? READ MORE

Reduction Surgery for the Sides of Forehead?

I don't mind my forehead from the front; however from the side it sticks out, rather than having a smooth line. Is there a procedure to fix this? READ MORE

Prominent sternum: can I reduce it?

I am pretty much happy with my breast size as of now. But the thing is, my sternum is large and end in a pointed shape projecting forward. I do not... READ MORE

Is There Such a Thing As Height Reduction Surgery?

I am looking at reducing my height only a little (apx 3 inches or so). Is there any way that this can be done? what are the long term risks and any... READ MORE

Is it possible to have my leg shorten to reduce height?

I am a tall woman (5'11), 20 yrs old and I have wished I was at least a couple inches shorter since I was a kid. Osteotomy (leg shortening) is done... READ MORE

Surgery to reduce foot size?

I have at least 50 pounds to lose (obese) and I heard that when you lose weight your feet shrink. I am size 11 for 5ft4 and finding shoes very hard... READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Reduce the Width of my Shoulders? As well as a Surgery to Widen my Hips?

I'm a transwoman who couldn't undergo HRT during puberty because my parents didn't approve and I had no legal say over them at those ages. I'm close... READ MORE

What's the Best Way to Get a Clitoris Reduction?

Best as in safest and least painful, what are the side effects of a clitoris reduction? how painful is it? READ MORE

What Can I Do to Reduce Sensitivity in my Nipples?

My nipples are extra sensitive and feels uncomfortable and is a distraction. Is there surgery to reduce sensitivity? READ MORE

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