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How Can I Get a Fast Recovery from Plastic Surgery?

 about to get a plastic surgery just a few weeks...what can i do to make recovering from it less difficult and slow? READ MORE

What Type of Arnica Works Best?

What type of Arnica works the best for bruising after a cosmetic surgery procedure- Arnica Montana, Arnica gel, Arnica tablets, or something else?... READ MORE

How Does Smoking Affect Healing and Scarring After Plastic Surgery?

I'm a smoker. They (any facial surgeon) say you MUST quit smoking 2-6 weeks before and I'm having a real problem. I went from 20 to 24 cigs. a day... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Take Diuretic Pills After Plastic Surgery?

I had a tummy tuck operation, breast gel implants, and liposuction on my outer thighs about 5 weeks ago. I still experience some swelling. My doctor... READ MORE

Is Arnica Safe to Use for Post-Surgery?

Is Arnica safe? What should one know about the safety of Arnica? READ MORE

Cost and Recovery to Expect for Multiple Cosmetic Procedures?

After reading the People Magazine article about the girl from "The Hills", I think I might be able to have some improvement without looking... READ MORE

Helping Post-Op Plastic Surgery Patients

Hi All, I have a close relative who recently underwent a major, cosmetic surgery. For about 2 weeks she needs my help getting in and out of bed,... READ MORE

What is Needed for Post-op Recovery?

What are the most important things I will need after my surgery ? Here are some things I have so far : gauze pads, paper tape, flushable wipes, stool... READ MORE

Multiple Surgeries by Different Doctors

Hello. I am considering having three different plastic surgery procedures by three different plastic surgeons. As I am flying in from abroad I would... READ MORE

What is the most conservative surgery to eliminate loose skin, reveal muscle, & repair about a .5" muscle separation? (photos)

I am 39 and my skin is thin... after two pregnancies it stretched quite a bit. At night my stomach looks rounded regardless if I have a full or empty... READ MORE

Elbow lift for loose elbow skin?

My hands & elbows look much older than I am (I'm 33). I can make my hands look better w/ fillers & possibly a laser. But that's not enough for the... READ MORE

If traveling out of state/country, what is the recommended time there to ensure a healthy and safe recovery in healing properly?

I have been quoted a minimum of 14 days to remain before considering to return home. Also, do you recommend that a family member is present for... READ MORE

Trade-offs involved in multiple procedures in terms of safety, recovery, and cost? How does one calculate the optimal ratio?

When multiple procedures are involved, how does one calculate the optimal ratio between safety, recovery time, and cost? Ideally I would like to... READ MORE

Recovery Houses or Post Surgery Assistance in Miami/Fort Lauderdale?

I will be traveling to Miami/Fort Lauderdale for cosmetic surgery in Late August. I am having a hard time getting someone to commit to coming with me... READ MORE

Rib Removal Surgery?

I have been considering getting rib removal surgery because of my flared ribs and wide waist (bone structure, nothing I can do even with diet and... READ MORE

Bunionectomy? (photo)

I am 3 1/2 weeks post op for a bilateral bunionectomy and bunionettes. I have been told by my surgeon to not wiggle or move my big toes at all in the... READ MORE

Tips Do You to Reduce Swelling and Speed Up Recovery

I've heard that pineapple juice, or fresh pineapple and lots of water help, less salt (not sure how much that means) and that exercise can... READ MORE

Foot narrowing surgery: I don't really have bunions my feet are just flat and wide. (photo)

I'm interested in getting my feet narrowed. I don't really have bunions my feet are just flat and wide. What the average cost in the US Na also what's... READ MORE

How can I redress rib cage deformity? (Photo)

I'm 25 yrs old female. I had rib cage deformity for unknown reason. It really bothers me. I'd like to redress my rib cage to normal without leave any... READ MORE

Recovery time after Corrugator Muscle removal for Migraine Relief?

This Op was done through Eyelid Crease incisions on 10th Dec 2013 (8 weeks ago).My upper eyelids are still red & swollen & vision blurry.The Op was... READ MORE

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