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Is It Possible To Contour The Male Chest After Surgical Procedure To Remove Excess Gland Tissue?

How can a chest be contoured after excess gland tissue is removed via the nipple incision and not through vaser or lipo? I'm concerned that if... READ MORE

Can a Plastic Surgeon Fix Complications from Removal of Massive Tumor?

I had a 80lb tumor removed causing my abdominal wall to weaken and 3 months later ended up getting a incision hernia that was fixed, but something... READ MORE

How Long Before Tissue Engineering is Available?

Can anyone give me a rough estimate as to how long it'll be before tissue engineering (or something along the lines of it) to produce unlimited... READ MORE

I Have Had a Failed Lat Dorsi T Reconstruction. Any Other Options?

I am of slim build. Are there any reconstruction options open for me. READ MORE

Travelling Abroad to the Tropics Before Vacation?

Im 69 years of age and am having reconstructive surgery to my knees in July. I need to travel abroad to India for 2-3 weeks, but will be returning 30... READ MORE

Thump Restructuring? (photos)

Dear Doctor, I am posting my son's thump which was cut in a lift accident when he was 6 years old. Presently he is 18 years old. Please advise is... READ MORE

Whats the BIG difference between COSMETIC surgeon and PLASTIC surgeon ?

Which is better to choose ? Doesn't COSMETIC surgeons require 300 cases to graduate ...with the primary focus on cosmetic results. While PLASTIC... READ MORE

I am interested in having a rib resection procedure. Any suggestions?

I'm wondering which plastic/reconstruction surgeons around the country offer this procedure. The only two that I have found thus far is Barry Eppley... READ MORE

Does the Type of Reconstructive Surgery(no Matter What the Type May Be) Change the Age Requirment?

Is there different age requirements for specific types of reconstructive surgery, or is it any age under 18 must have parents agreemet for any type? READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Options to Improve Scar and Hip Area Aesthetics?

I was in a bad car accident where I fractured my femur and my pelvic bone. I had to get a metal plate with screws implanted, which was later removed.... READ MORE

Is Peeling and Small Amt of Discharge Normal in Nipple Reconstruction with Skin Grafting

I am 9 day post op breast and nipple construction with grafted tissue saved from mastectomy done in Jan of 2011 The area of my right nipple grafted... READ MORE

Big toe lengthening procedure on amputated big toe? (photos)

My left big toe was amputated when I was 6 due to an accident. I would really like to get reconstruction surgery to correct this. Is it possible to... READ MORE

Debulking procedure:- Insurance? (photo)

Hi All, I am very new in this forum. I met with an accident last Sep and lost my finger. Doctor did a free flap in my thumb. Till now it is very bulky... READ MORE

Do You Know of a Plastic Surgeon Who Does Sternal Reconstruction?

I am 2+ yrs. out from bypass surgery and have a non union sternum. Always told my surgeon I had clicking, popping, cracking and shifting in my sternum... READ MORE

Abdominal Reconstructive Post 6 Weeks Surgery Problems, Ischemia, Need Mesh Changed to Something That Be Compatible with Body?

I had abdominal reconstruction surgery , woke up in chronic pain , feels like my ab wall and groin ( anchored ) headaches, constipation , lots of... READ MORE

Free Flap Patient with Transferred Tissue Growing over Good Skin That Has Grown Downward?

I have 2 open wounds and have been on the wound vac for 2 months. My nurse noticed that one of my wounds is healing inverted. Meaning the transferred... READ MORE

Tip of Pinky Reconstruction. (photo)

Hi, the tip of my pinky was cut off by a door when I was 3 years old and I'm now 27. Are there surgeries to reconstructive my pinky to add a tip with... READ MORE

What are the different ways of reconstructing an amputated finger?

I lost half of my right(dominant) hand index finger in an accident. It is very difficult for me to write, handle things, eat and moreover I have... READ MORE

Pls what is the cost of pelvic reconstruction?

I need a pelvic reconstruction and I will like to know what it will take. I recently lost a triplet pregnancy at 24weeks. READ MORE

Is there any place that can do payment plan or volunteer for extremely damaged body for reconstruction?

I'm scarred up all over my body, have eczema ruin my arms.i'm 5'9 180lb. Brown skin mother of 5 with a lot of baby fat n sagging body with a lot of... READ MORE

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