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What Should I Do to Get an Hourglass Figure?

I already have a 44dd n i want a smaller size bra not cup size... i weigh just under 270 and im 68inches i have no ass and cellulite everywhere and... READ MORE

What treatments are available for increasing the proportion of the head and face to the body?

I have good looking features but on a small, slight, young looking face and head size. Even my ears are small. I am male. Think Wayne Gretzky or Ryan... READ MORE

Reduce Broad Shoulders?

My shoulders are completely out of place, they are as massive as they possibly could yet. It would flatter my body if I was tall, but I'm not.... READ MORE

How do I fix my legs? They are out of proportion

My legs are terribly out of proportion! Especially when compared to my upper body!!! I am 18 and have the upper body of a tall 18 YO. But from my hips... READ MORE

Do any plastic surgeons use the Golden Ratio in your practice?

(Body only) If I came to you as a patient and said, "I want to look more attractive"..and you then asked me "what are your areas of concern?" and I... READ MORE

Where to get collar bone reduction surgery?

Hi i am 1,83m and my shoulders are very wide i have narrow hips and wide shoulders and due to my genes no matter how much i try i cant get fat to try... READ MORE

Ribcage under my breast sticks out and I hate, makes me feel like my body is not proportion. (Photos)

I had scoliosis years ago and got a spinal fusion. My rib cage stuck out a lot before the surgery but it still has a noticeable hump. I just really... READ MORE

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