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Financing Plastic Surgery: Monthly Payments?

Can I pay for breast implant, lip enhancement, and rhinoplasty surgeries on a monthly basis instead of paying for them all at the same time? I'm... READ MORE

Consultation Fees

I want to interview a few doctors but how expensive will the consultation be? READ MORE

I wanted to ask about rib removal or changing the ribs. How is the price and is it safe? (Photo)

What is the best result and what can i do? How is the price and is it safe? READ MORE

How Much Does the Removal of Buffalo Hump Cost?

How much does the removal of shoulder hump, or buffalo hump, cost? READ MORE

Floating ribs removal. I would like to finda doctor who does the procedure without a tummy tuck. (photo)

FLOATING RIBS REMOVAL Hi I am looking for a doctor who perform floating ribs removal 11th &12th of the lower ribs in United States. I did some... READ MORE

Do Doctors Offer Cash Discounts for Plastic Surgery?

Do doctors offer a discount if I pay cash rather than finance? I want to get liposuction in my mid-section very soon and plan on paying with... READ MORE

How Much Does It Usually Cost to Correct Skinny Legs?

Am 26 year old and I have been very ashamed of my legs my whole life. Based on your answers this can be fixed. I want to know how much will it cost. ... READ MORE

Can Costs Increase After Original Plastic Surgery Quote?

I was seen by a PS for tummy tuck & breast lift. After I was seen by him, the person that is responsible for giving the total dollar estimate gave... READ MORE

Fair Price for Multiple Plastic Surgery Procedures?

Hi, I have been given a quotation for plastic surgery from a surgeon but on top of that, he has added hospital fees and anesthetic. The procedure is... READ MORE

Opinions on Plastic Surgery Ads / Discounts?

The low prices are SO tempting in the Advertisements on this site! Ex: CliniqueLipo/PacificLipo. I have had had expensive rhinoplasty and got a steal... READ MORE

Cosmetic Surgery Payments?

When is payment made for cosmetic surgery? Is it usually prior or post? READ MORE

Military Coverage for Plastic Surgery

Does the military cover any plastic surgery cases? READ MORE

Is It Normal to Sign Financial Responsibility Form Prior to Agreeing to Plastic Surgery?

The surgeon's office consultant said I wasn't agreeing to the surgery but I was signing to understand the terms of payment. The form stated... READ MORE

Is a Fixed Surgery Price Possible?

Is it possible to offer a fixed price for a surgery? i might have found a doctor but it does seem strange. READ MORE

I'm looking for board certified doc in the NYC area

I had my 1st sit down with a doc today and I would like to compare board certified doc only and their pricing are there any in the nyc area? READ MORE

Plastic surgery discount?

Do any plastic surgeons offer a discount to appear on their website.? Can the price of any particular surgery be negotiated With the doctor? READ MORE

How Much Do I Save by Having Multiple Procedures?

I am figuring out my budget/time to plan a breast augmentation (quoted $4800), medial thigh lift (?), and abdominoplasty (quoted $5-8K). How much are... READ MORE

What are the risks and price? (Photo)

My left rib sticks out an abnormal amount so if I got a procedure would I only need to get that one out? Also what would be the price and is it... READ MORE

Is it safe to have all these procedures at once and is the price of $26,000 reasonable?

The procedures the Dr. wants to do are, deep plane facelift with facial fat graph, neck lift, temporal brow lift, chin implant, upper bleph., lower... READ MORE

Ontario Resident operating for a discounted cost?

Does anybody know of a specific school in Ontario that allows the plastic surgery residence to operate for a discounted cost? i know that the... READ MORE

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