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Procedure to Remove Excess Skin or Fat on the Head?

I've been told that the back of my head along with the top of has rolls like hotdogs. Are there any procedures out there for me? Thanks. READ MORE

What Surgery Makes the Eyes Bigger?

I was wondering if there are any procedures to to make eyes bigger. READ MORE

Can Plastic Surgery Help my Face Look More Feminine?

A lot of people can't tell if I'm a man or woman, and I'm a woman. What would make my face look more feminine? READ MORE

Is There a Surgery That Lifts the Corner of the Eyes?

I heard about a surgery that elevates the eyes like a doll (the corners). It's in the temple area. Do you know the name of this procedure or this is... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change Forehead Shape from Pointed to Flat?

If your forehead is pointed, is there any way to reduce it so it is flat? READ MORE

Where to Check Plastic Surgeon Credentials and Qualifications?

Where might I go to check out a physician's past training, years in practice, etc. Also, the new "hot" plastic surgeon in NY has a great... READ MORE

How to Tell if I Got a Good Plastic Surgeon?

How can you make sure you have found a very good plastic surgeon? I want a Breast reduction and Tummy Tuck but I'm afraid it will end up a disaster. ... READ MORE

Okay to Have Plastic Surgery While on Low Dose Accutane?

I am considering taking a very low dose of Accutane for my overly oily skin and occasional breakouts. I have already been on Accutane 3 times and now... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery for Anemic Patients?

If I am anemic, were should my iron level be for plastic surgery? Surgeons, what level or what numbers are safe? READ MORE

What Could Be the Risks in Temple Augmentation?

What are the risks of temple augmentation using an implant or bone paste/hydroxyapatite? Is a large incision made coronal or small in the hairline? READ MORE

Can female nurses be trusted not to laugh and gossip about a patient's micropenis?

Can female nurses be trusted not to laugh gossip about a patient's micropenis? I have heard so much about how female nurses gossip about the genitals... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Enlarge Eyes with Plastic Surgery?

I have quite small, deep set eyes. Would it be possible to make them appear larger to a significant degree with surgery? I would really love almost... READ MORE

Suggestions for Plastic Surgery Makeover?

I am considering a plastic surgery make over. What can I do with this face? I am considering Plastic surgery very seriously. I will travel to a good... READ MORE

Cost and Recovery to Expect for Multiple Cosmetic Procedures?

After reading the People Magazine article about the girl from "The Hills", I think I might be able to have some improvement without looking... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon Areas of Expertise?

If a Plastic Surgeon offers several procedures, how do you know which ones they are most proficient at? Would it be the ones they are doing most?... READ MORE

Am I Getting Work Done for the Right Reasons?

There is a recent article i read about plastic surgery....said many people get surgery with unrealistic expectations for results and without realizing... READ MORE

Procedure to Improve Neck and Chin Area After Weight Loss?

I'm 40 years old that has had a horrible neck/chin line since my early 20s. I lost a lot of weight and still have this problem. From this picture,... READ MORE

Confidentiality Between Plastic Surgeon and Patients?

Is there such a thing as a confidentiality clause between doctor and patient? What about the doctors´staff? I thank you very much for your answers. READ MORE

Toe Shortening - What Should I Expect from Toe Shortening Surgery?

I have 1 toe on each foot, the one next to the big toe, that is excessively long. So long that it hurts to wear shoes. I work at a job where I'm... READ MORE

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