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Where can I buy Steri Strips or a similar product? (photos)

Is there a similar product to STERI-STRIPS ???I have been to every Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart ...ect. apparently they are no longer sold to the general... READ MORE

I've been weightlifting for years and I've developed a gap between my chest muscles. Can this be fixed? (Photo)

I have been doing fitness and weight lifting for few years now and unfortunately I have a gap between my chest muscles ( the shape on my right pec is... READ MORE

Is there any surgery that can fix knocking knees? (Photo)

Is it possible to get a surgery and have normal legs because am even embarrassed to wear skinny jeans and if so how much can it be? READ MORE

Do Patients Have the Option to Take the Before and After Pictures for Plastic Surgery?

If someone is camera shy and they don't want to take the before and after pictures, can they opt out? Just wondering READ MORE

Do I have a buried/hidden penis and is it considered a congenital anomaly? Plastic surgeon or urologist? (Photo)

I lost 204# since my duodenal switch surgery. My surgeon corrected a hernia and offered to do an abdominoplasty. No pubic mons work as she is not a... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeons' Websites - No Photos?

Why is that some plastic surgeons have few before/after pictures on their website? Does this mean that the doctor is not credible or popular enough? READ MORE

Reconsidering Surgeon Due to Suspected Retouched Photos?

I finally found a plastic surgeon who I liked. However, I recently noticed some pixelation along the contours of the "before and after"... READ MORE

I wanted to know if there was anyway to reduce the appearance of the asymmetry of my eyes. (photos)

It appears to me as though there is a slight difference in the height and depth between the eyes. I don't mind some asymmetry but this is very... READ MORE

What's the best procedure to correct leg asymmetry? (Photo)

I was born this way with one leg significantly bigger than the other. What surgery can be done to even this out. It feels uncomfortable wearing... READ MORE

Incision won't heal 3 months post surgery. What is wrong? (Photo)

I had problem with fluid build up 6 weeks after surgery. Now 3 months later, the incision open up again and there is discharge. What is wrong? READ MORE

Why do I have a deformed chest and how can I change it to help hide my bones. (photo)

I have very boney body, and my chest and rips stick out quite a bit. Is anyways to change the physic of my body and why do I have this? By building... READ MORE

Why Wouldn't a Doctor Keep a Photo of His Work?

Last week, I went in for a consultation in NYC with a plastic surgeon for a Tummy Tuck. This was my fourth plastic surgeon that I went to go see so... READ MORE

Is their anything I could do to correct my thumb? (Photo)

I was born with an extra thumb. I had surgery on it to have it removed when I was younger but now my thumb is crooked. Is their anything I could do to... READ MORE

Unusual for a Plastic Surgeon to Refuse to Provide Photos?

Is it unusual for a highly qualified plastic surgeon (all the right board accreditations, with between 10 - 15 years experience in plastic surgery,... READ MORE

I want to know if there is any way I can change the shape of my back. Could it be shaven down or fat sucked out? (Photo)

Don't know whether it is my sacrum protruding abnormally, because the bump is excess fat that I can grab. It disappears in when I lie down and do a... READ MORE

I have noticed my neck and throat seems swollen when I wake up, can plastic surgery help? (Photo)

I am 52 and have sleep apnea, my question is whether or not it's weight, age, lack of hormones, or the sleep apnea….and can it be helped? READ MORE

How Can I Be Sure of a Cosmetic Clinic's Honesty?

I am really shocked by the number of fake information and advertising provided by some medical cosmetic clinics, where their before and after pictures... READ MORE

Extra bone in knee sticks out? (photos)

I tore my ACL about 10 years ago. Had surgery. Now on the same knee I have a weird bone that protrudes and is very noticeable when I bend my leg. I... READ MORE

Untreated craniosynostosis, what surgery do I need? (photo)

I have untreated craniosynostosis's limits my career so much...made me an indoor 26...please what type of surgery do I need....and how... READ MORE

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