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Do Patients Have the Option to Take the Before and After Pictures for Plastic Surgery?

If someone is camera shy and they don't want to take the before and after pictures, can they opt out? Just wondering READ MORE

How Do I Get Details of my Plastic Surgery?

I had a neck lift/fat graft 3 years ago(at 23) & was wondering if patients are allowed access to details their surgery i.e. amount of fat grafted,... READ MORE

How to Raise Post-surgery Concerns with a Surgeon

I'm unhappy with the results of a surgery performed many months ago, and wish to raise this with the doctor who performed it. I'm very nervous... READ MORE

Do You Use Medical Justice?

Curious how many of you use Medical Justice or other programs that create contracts limiting or prohibiting patient's ability to review your... READ MORE

Doctor with a Legal Settlement - Is This a Red Flag?

On the state's medical license verification site it lists information on the surgeon (board certified, where he went to school, publications etc)... READ MORE

Are Gag Orders Ethical, Nonetheless Legal?

I have seen plastic surgeons that require you--at the consultation--to sign a form that effectively grants the PS the IP rights to whatever you say... READ MORE

Do you ask your patients to sign non-disclosure agreements?

I've heard that a doctor I'm interested in has patients sign a statement banning patients from posting less than positive reviews and threatening to... READ MORE

Do plastic surgeons have to release a patient's before and after photos?

I would like my before and after photos to help my new doctor see what happened to me. However, my past surgeon has not been cooperative in sending my... READ MORE

What can I do if I was mislead by a physician's consultation?

How to protect my right if I got wrong consultation information from a surgeon? I asked a surgeon about will his protocol leaves scar or not? If it'll... READ MORE

Are Pennsylvania plastic surgeons required to have someone (i.e. nurse) present during work performed in a surgery center OR?

My 3 yo child sustained an injury that required her to be seen by a plastic surgeon. We went to his surgery center and he took her back (with out us)... READ MORE

How Do I Report a Doctor from Overseas?

This is not something that I am very comfortable with but I had the worst experience of my life and after seeing this doctor had to have 3 additional... READ MORE

Is It Ethical for Your Doctor to Forward Medical Questions to Office Staff to Follow Up?

How do you feel about a plastic surgeon who forwards your Personal email regarding private problem with a procedure he performed to a non medically... READ MORE

Is It Common for a PS to Have a Clause That Says You Can Not Say or Write Anything Negative?

I saw there is a clause of sorts on my consult paperwork that states.... You agree that you are not to conduct in any written or oral comments that... READ MORE

Does a doctor need consent for before and after photos on plastic surgeon websites?

My plastic surgeon posted my before and after photo to their website! My face does not show but it is my naked body. A disfigurement was being... READ MORE

My plastic surgeon took some photos of my "before" face before a cosmetic procedure.

I know the photos are confidential but you never know with cyber hacking etc. Would most doctors black out my eyes if I request them too to protect my... READ MORE

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