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Will Insurance Cover Removal of Extra Skin?

I am 51 years old and used to weigh 280 lbs. Six years ago, I lost all the weight; now I weigh 100 lbs. i had 2 c-sections, a tubual ligation through... READ MORE

Tailbone is Painful and Can Be Seen when I Bend Over - Can This Be Fixed?

My tailbone when I bend over sticks out. You can see it and feel it like a hard nub. It reminds me of a manx cat. I can't wear anything revealing... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of Toe Shortening Surgery?

I have a second toe that is longer than my big toe. It causes alot of pain when I wear heels and any kind of closed toe shoes. Sometimes, my toes get... READ MORE

When is the Correct Time to Have Axillary Breast Tissue Removed?

Hello, I have a significant amount of axillary breast tissue under both underarms. It's very unsightly and painful. Because this isn't that... READ MORE

I had a wide excision of the left armpit. Plastic surgeon says it looks just fine. I don't think it does. Any advice? (photo)

On 10/2/14. My excision of the left armpit was done due to stage 3 hidradenitis suppurative. It was going to be a skin graft but he changed his... READ MORE

I Have a Hematoma on my Lower Back Due to a Horse Kick. Been Over a Month and Still in Pain?

It has been about a month and a week, its still hard as a rock i have been using ice pack and heat packs and also taking voltaren because i am in a... READ MORE

Should I Be Worried About a Seroma the Size of a Grapefruit Thats Painful?

I had some calcium deposits removed from my buttock and now I have a seroma the size of a grapefruit that is tender… I don’t know what to do. READ MORE

Whats Wrong with my Toe?

After playing in a basketball game with a lot of pain, I took off my sock and my big toe was swollen and blue under toenail. READ MORE

Breast Biopsy Clip Pain & Bleeding, Advise On What To Do Next?

Hello. I had a breast biopsy one month ago for suspicious tiny calcifications getting larger. They are benign but I have sharp stabbing pains from the... READ MORE

Pain After Accessory Breast Removal

I had accessory breast removal which included liposuction as wwell done 10 days ago. Now I have a shooting pain from the incised area to the inner... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery for Broken, Painful, and Dripping Nose?

Three months ago, I was in a car accident. After two months of my nose bothering me, I mentioned to my neurologist about my nose. She referred me to... READ MORE

On-Q Pain Pump Necessary to Push Frequently?

Do you have to push the On-Q pain pump every 10 minutes or so to get the meds? Thank you. READ MORE

How Long is Too Long on Pain Meds?

One Dr. on this site said that most of his patients were off of their pain meds in 2-3 days post op. I am one week post op and my pain is still severe... READ MORE

Extra bone in knee sticks out? (photos)

I tore my ACL about 10 years ago. Had surgery. Now on the same knee I have a weird bone that protrudes and is very noticeable when I bend my leg. I... READ MORE

Breast pain 2 months post op for hidradenitis suppurativa in left armpit. Why would I have breast pain and swelling still?

I had a lymph node removed 2 months ago in the left armpit from hidradenitis suppurativa surgery. For the past 3 days my left breast has been feeling... READ MORE

What are the post surgery precautions after a laparoscopic cystectomy?

Hello 2 weeks back i had a laparoscopic cystectomy for a dermoid 9 cm ovarian cyst. I have got 3 incisions one in my belly button, one above my bikini... READ MORE

I am wanting to get a toe shortening procedure. Where can I go where they will do it just for cosmetic purposes? (photos)

I want my feet to look at feel better. Having my toes this way not only embarrasses me, but also makes it difficult and painful to wear a lot of shoes... READ MORE

Hard mass looks like extra bone in the knee as in photo. She says it hurt sometimes. Is there is any treatment for that? (Photo)

MY daughter have Hard mass looks like extra bone in her knee as in the photo. She says it hurt sometimes. Is there is a treatment for that? READ MORE

Is there a doctor that can help me with a "buffalo hump" surgery in the Chicago area?

Besides the fact that it looks horrible, I'm now starting to have pain from time to time. I been looking and calling a few surgeons but no one seems... READ MORE

Can I have any kind of surgery on my big toe? I'm 37 and never worn sandals as I'm so embarrassed of my toes. (photo)

My big to toe looks like it's been hit by a hammer. This can also be painful as well as depressing. I get a crack through the middle of my sole as I... READ MORE

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