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Extreme Plastic Surgery: Procedures to Narrow Shoulders and Rib Cage?

What is the name of the procedure to make shoulders, ribs etc. narrower? I realize this is quite extreme, but I'm looking for information on... READ MORE

I have really wide thumbs and I would like to get it fixed. Is there a surgery that can fix that? (Photo)

I want the bone structure of my thumb downsized I have really wide thumbs (like megan fox's messed up thumb) and they've been taunting me all my life. READ MORE

My heads looks too small for my body, what should I do?

Before I started puberty, my head and body were perfectly proportionate. Now I am 16 (female) and my head kooks too small for my body. My family and... READ MORE

Extremely Saggy Scrotum - Can It Be Changed? (photo)

HI there, I have always been very self concious of my scrotum as it is extremely saggy, has a lot of excess skin and often causes discomfort. It... READ MORE

Can I get rid of my sacral dimple? (Photo)

I'm really embarrassed to post this but I hate my "sacral dimple". I think it looks so strange, it looks more obvious in real life than in the photo.... READ MORE

Pros and Cons of Toe Shortening Surgery?

I have a second toe that is longer than my big toe. It causes alot of pain when I wear heels and any kind of closed toe shoes. Sometimes, my toes get... READ MORE

I Have a Small Waist & Big Butt Naturally, but I Want a Flat Abdomen and Rounder Butt. Which Procedure Would Be Right for Me?

I have been researching the BBL and lipo but then I was wondering if I just get liposuction to my abdomen and hips would that give the appearance of a... READ MORE

I have an inward dent on the back of my head. How do I get rid of it? (photos)

My dad has it too and some people in my family and other people. READ MORE

Best Surgery to Balance Out Broad Shoulders

I'm 5'0 tall with very broad/wide shoulders and very small waist, I want to get either a boob job or a butt job, I don't want both just 1... READ MORE

My Coccyx /Tailbone Appears to Be Protruding from my Lower Back. Can It Be Shaven Down or is It Safer Left Alone? (photo)

I visited a general surgeon who said that the coccyx seemed to be larger than normal, resulting in a protrusion under the skin, resulting in the fold... READ MORE

Reduce Size of Inner Calf Muscle

I walked on my toes as a child and the inner calf muscle became huge and overdeveloped by the time I was 10. No matter how much I walk and stretch... READ MORE

Can I get an implant to correct the shape of my head? (Photo)

I do not like the shape of my head. The back is vary flat and looks like it's just been chopped off. Is there an implant that can correct this and... READ MORE

Is there a plastic surgery treatment to alter or reduce the shape of my hips? (Photo)

I believe my hips are a abnormal 'shelf' like shape, so I was wondering is surgery can change the hip bone shape itself? This may be due to the... READ MORE

My shoulders are extremely uneven. What do you think is wrong? Can I fix this? (Photo)

When I lift my arms out, my shoulders look extremely uneven. I have heard that the shoulder of your dominant hand may be a little lower, but I am... READ MORE

Crooked rib cage, middle of ribs off center, unflattering body shape. Is surgery needed? (Photo)

I wore a back brace until I was 15. I have a crooked rib cage, however my spine is straight. I have had scoliosis in the past, but my ribs are still... READ MORE

I have very ugly legs with yams at the back and big feet. Can they be fixed? (Photo)

I have very ugly legs. My husband hates them too and they have affected my self esteem really badly. I'm a woman with legs like a man, can they be... READ MORE

I've been weightlifting for years and I've developed a gap between my chest muscles. Can this be fixed? (Photo)

I have been doing fitness and weight lifting for few years now and unfortunately I have a gap between my chest muscles ( the shape on my right pec is... READ MORE

What Should I Do About my Ribs? (photo)

My lower ribs stick out a lot. They don't hurt or anything but they do make me a little shy to wear tight clothing. I don't know if i need to... READ MORE

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