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How to Get Longer, Narrower Face

I want to have a face that's more womanly, more sharp and alert-looking, and not like a childlike version of my father's. I'm 22 years old. I think it... READ MORE

Surgery for Congenital Facial Asymmetry?

I think I may have congenital asymmetry. The left side of my face is very asymmetrical. The cheek has less mass compared to the right and the jaw is... READ MORE

Facial Restructuring Possible and Realistic?

I'm Asian and I'm not happy with my face and I want it to be restructured. I want to have a better jaw contouring and facial balance, and more... READ MORE

How Can I Make my Gaunt Face More Feminine?

I am 31 years old. I have a gaunt face. I had nose job two years ago so that I would look more feminine but I still have muscular face. Should I go... READ MORE

Cosmetic Procedure for Crooked Jaw and Nose?

What procedure would I need to fix my crooked jaw and crooked nose? It does not cause me breathing problems. READ MORE

Procedure to Remove Excess Skin on Nose?

I have excess skin coming from my nose that covers part of my inner eyes. Is there a procedure to rid of this excess skin that I have had since I was... READ MORE

Price for Multiple Surgeries?

Nose job, lip reduction, chin implant, eyelid surgery, forehead reduction by an inch--How much would all of these procedures cost?  READ MORE

Gortex or Silicone Implant to Augment Philtrum?

I would like my philtrum in between my nose and mouth augmented should I use a gortex implant or a silicone implant? What are the risks? It doesn't... READ MORE

Space Between Nose and Upper Lip Too Wide?

I feel like the space between my nose and upper lip is too long. I'd like to know what I can do about it and if by looking at my photo if you... READ MORE

Dermatological or Surgical Correction of Dent on Nose?

I poked a pimple with a needle, causing the blood vessel directly under to become dilated. A dermatologist biopsied part of the skin, and shaved... READ MORE

Raised Bump on Nose

I have a round bump on my nose that started as a pimple. It never went away. I just got kenalog injected into it yesterday and was hoping to see... READ MORE

Side Effects of Removing Large Lumps in Cheeks?

What are the side effects of surgically removing 2 large lumps from cheeks? The lumps are on both cheeks (right under the jaw line and on both sides... READ MORE

Reconsidering Surgeon Due to Suspected Retouched Photos?

I finally found a plastic surgeon who I liked. However, I recently noticed some pixelation along the contours of the "before and after"... READ MORE

Risks of Jaw Enhancement?

I am interested in getting rhinoplasty surgery done. Most surgeons that I have seen try to convince me to bring my jaw forward as well as to refine... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery for Broken, Painful, and Dripping Nose?

Three months ago, I was in a car accident. After two months of my nose bothering me, I mentioned to my neurologist about my nose. She referred me to... READ MORE

Will Breast Augmentation or Rhinoplasty Trigger my Alopecia Areata?

I suffer from alopecia areata. I am 24 and have only experienced one episode of patchy hairloss this year. Would a rhinoplasty or breast augmentation... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Growing Nose?

It seems like my nose is still growing, I'm 18, is that normal? I don't know why, but my nose really started growing when I turned 17. It didn't... READ MORE

How Much Weight Should I Give to Doctors Recommendations of Other Doctors?

I am getting a nose revision. The first procedure I did no research. This procedure I am doing all research I can possibly do. Including asking my... READ MORE

How to Determine the Best Plastic Surgery Procedure for the Nose?

How can I know the best plastic surgery procedure for my nose? What shape is best? Is there a software program that can draw the shape of my new nose... READ MORE

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