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Diarrhea Problems Post-procedure

Has anyone had problems with diarrhea post-op? I wonder if that's normal, or part of the body getting rid of any fluid left behind. My doctor just... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Sign a Waiver Before Plastic Surgery?

My doctor included a waiver form in my pre-op packet that forces me to use arbitration to resolve any future disagreements. Basically, I'm being... READ MORE

Is It Appropriate for my Doctor to Pray with Me?

My doctor offered to pray with me before my surgery. I was quite taken aback, as I do not pray regularly even though I'm a spiritual person.... READ MORE

is it normal for doctors to ask your ethnicity and job?

Some doctors ask me these questions. When I choose to decline they get defensive and give bad service. Is that normal? READ MORE

Do Doctors Actually Let Potential Patients Connect with Previous Patients?

I've heard several people advice that the patient ask to talk to other patients. Isn't there a confidentiality thing? I mean, do doctors... READ MORE

Unusual for a Plastic Surgeon to Refuse to Provide Photos?

Is it unusual for a highly qualified plastic surgeon (all the right board accreditations, with between 10 - 15 years experience in plastic surgery,... READ MORE

It It Normal For Plastic Surgeons To Have Assistants in the OR? What Is Their Role?

Is assistants often used by plastic surgeons in the OR? and if so what are their main duties in the OR? Thanks much for all your answers. READ MORE

Should I Be Concerned with a Small Bit of Oozing 6 Weeks Post Op?

Even though the steri strips came off 4 weeks earlier as instructed by my ps, there were no major concerns w/ the insicions. This morning however, I... READ MORE

My belly looks exactly like a "B" from the side. Is this normal ? How do I get rid of it? (photos)

It cuts right through my belly button and I have two halves the top and bottom and I can't wear tight tops because it then looks weird and crop tops... READ MORE

Is there any preoperatively test that predispose adverse wound healing after cosmetic surgery, such as abnormal scar formation

Before cosmetic surgery the doctor mostly ask to perform a total bloot count and several more tests. Is there any preoperatively test that predispose... READ MORE

Is it normal for surgeons to have a couple bad reviews?

How many bad reviews are normal for a surgeon? I know every surgeon most likely has a few READ MORE

Drain tube pain and some yellow puss. Is this normal? (Photo)

Is this normal for the draine site to be so tender and some drainage around it? I'm currently 10days post op READ MORE

Is it normal practice for a surgeon to have someone else to sign on his behalf for procedures carried out by him?

I had surgery in Poland, I have heard stories from other patients that students carry out some surgery, horrified by this (as I've signed nothing to... READ MORE

What did Kylie Jenner do to her body? (Photos)

So I kind of have Kylie's body when she was normal I know I am not supposed to idolize someone so fake however I've always wanted wider hips Ive read... READ MORE

Are there any procedures I could safely have to improve my appearance if I have had Scoliosis surgery? (photo)

Hello, i have really been quite ashamed of my body for a number of years. the reason being i have scoliosis, i had corrective surgery when i was 12... READ MORE

6 Weeks Post Op W/ Itching Everywhere Not Just at Surgical Areas. Is This Usual?

I had a huge outbreak of hives out of the clear blue and since then itching even on areas that had no treatment, arms, hands, feet.How do you... READ MORE

How much would it cost to correct my ribcage? (photos)

Im 23 and I have a sunken chest, and my ribs purtude. I don't know what it's called, or what's wrong with my ribs structure. I just know I'm tired of... READ MORE

Can you fix short clubbed fingers? (photos)

All of my fingers are short and clubbed and it makes me feel really unconfident. I just want long normal fingers. Can someone fix them? READ MORE

Is reduction of hips (bone) possible?

I have fairly small hip bones, but they jut out much higher and further out than normal. They make me have a strange pear shape and make me look... READ MORE

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