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How to Get Rid of Slight Epicanthal Folds Without Surgery?

I developed what seems to be a bit of epicanthal folds on my eyes and I wish to get rid of them. I am 5'9, 155lbs, caucasian, and live in... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce Calf Size Without Surgery?

Whats' the quickest non-surgical way to reduce calf size? If there isn't really one, what do you suggest is the safest procedure to get results? READ MORE

Non-surgical Options for Loose Inner Thighs and Cellulite?

I have lost 90 pounds when I was a teen. I'm now 25 and at a healthy weight. I don't have an extreme case of loose skin. Other areas have managed to... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery for Potential Abnormality Present in my Leg Bones?

I have noticed over the past year that my legs are not straight. The main break in their line appears at the knee joint. I should mention that my... READ MORE

How Can I Refresh the Appearance of my Undereye Area?

I am 42 years old and generally satisfied with my appearance, but the area under my eyes always looks thin and tired. When I tug the skin just a bit... READ MORE

After Losing Weight My Breasts, Arms, Thighs and Stomach Will Sag: What Non-Surgica Solutions are There? (Photo)

My breast are extremely lop-sided and they both even have a different shape. Im not wanting a miracle just something that would make me feel more... READ MORE

Jaw Surgery for Gummy Smile? Are there any other solutions which can help me that do not involve surgery?

I have a gummy smile showing too much gums. I have been told to have jaw surgery which I do not want. I would rather avoid surgery as much as possible... READ MORE

Are there ANY possible treatments other than surgical or injections for TEAR TROUGHS?

Unfortunately I have a rare disease (genetic collagen mutation) that apparently would compromise the outcome of such procedures - as I was once... READ MORE

Is There a Non Surgical Cheek Reduction Solution?

I have REALLY chubby cheeks and I'm not a fat person. Is there a non surgical way to reduce cheeks that works! I live in SA and have been to 2... READ MORE

Lengthen Legs Without Surgery?

Is it possible to stretch your legs by about 3 to 4 cms? Im only 16 by now so i guess there could be hope for me. are there any stretching... READ MORE

Non Surgical Reduction in Cheek Fat

Hi i want to know how can i make my cheeks smaller ,i have a very round face i prefer a non surgical approach,i had bells palsy when i was 19 and now... READ MORE

Round Raised Area on Top of Scar on Nose - What Will Resolve It?

I don't know if this falls into the category of dogs ear completely but above and elipse excision scar on the side of my nose is a round area of... READ MORE

Left rib bone sticking out! Is there a non surgical fix? (Photo)

Hi doctors, I am a 19yr boy, and my left rib bone sticks out slightly further then my right. When I lay down both of my ribs stick out a lot. When I'm... READ MORE

Why Do Surgeons Always Say There is No Other Option Other Than Surgery?

Any time I try to do research on some kind of alternative treatment, some MD or surgeon has to put the kibosh on it out of hand. FDA approved, has to... READ MORE

What is the best non-surgical fat removal treatment for someone with small stubborn fat deposits in the upper-arm region?

My arms are stubbornly housing a fat deposit that you can pinch with 2 inches, and have been turned down by a surgeon for regular liposuction. He... READ MORE

Is there a non-surgical procedure to fix my uneven head?

I've always been self conscious about my head. The back of my head is uneven and semi flat on the back end. My right backside of my head has a dip.... READ MORE

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