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Difference Between Anesthetist and Anesthesiologist?

Is there a difference between an anesthetist and an anesthesiologist? Is it safe to have a face lift, or neck lift under anethesia that was... READ MORE

Procedure for Fat Rolls on Neck?

I have a problem with my neck fat. To give you a visual, just imagine Kimora Lee Simmons' neck fat and that's what I have. I've had this condition all... READ MORE

Is There Any Help for Hollow Look on the Neck Where the Collar Bones Meet?

As I've gotten older, there is this "hollow hole" effect happening with my front neck muscles protruding at hte coller bones. The skin... READ MORE

Reducing Broad Shoulders and Improving Neck Shape?

I have very broad shoulders for a girl, and my neck is very thick and short. Is it possible through plastic surgery to reduce the width of my... READ MORE

Procedure to Improve Neck and Chin Area After Weight Loss?

I'm 40 years old that has had a horrible neck/chin line since my early 20s. I lost a lot of weight and still have this problem. From this picture,... READ MORE

Can plastic surgery be performed on Becker's nevus to permanently eliminate it?

I have a huge Becker's nevus around the base of my neck..the dimensions would be around 25cm x 20cm. Can it be elimitaed completely by performing... READ MORE

Non-surgical-options for Thickness Around Neck?

What if I am just recently 40, in great physical shape (work-out six days a week), and have a thickness around the neck, under my chin? Are there... READ MORE

Enlarged Sternocleidomastoid Muscle: Are There Any Cosmetic Treatments?

Could an enlarged sternocleidomastoid muscle be caused from a facelift? I have a scar on the back of my neck and this is where the muscle is really... READ MORE

Are These Multiple Cosmetic Procedures on Face and Body Safe?

Can all this be done in one surgery: Face: under eye surgery, Neck lift, Revision RhinoplastyBody: Liposuction to upper and lower belly and back READ MORE

How Can Make Your Neck Thicker?

Im 26,and 110 lbs,ive been thin and gangley my whole life, my neck and body also,i turned to hormone replacment clinics that tried helping me gain... READ MORE

Cheek and Jaw

I am considering cosmetic treatments in my jaw and cheek. I am concerned because I have chubby cheeks but no cheekbone so I have big, flat cheeks and... READ MORE

I have noticed my neck and throat seems swollen when I wake up, can plastic surgery help? (Photo)

I am 52 and have sleep apnea, my question is whether or not it's weight, age, lack of hormones, or the sleep apnea….and can it be helped? READ MORE

I am looking for procedures to be done on my body that will slim and reshape me. Which procedures would be best for me? (Photo)

I am 5'3" 25 years old and 180 lbs. I have a lot of trouble spots the back of my arms, my neck, my stomach, hips, thighs, back and under eyes. I need... READ MORE

What's the best surgery for my jaw? (photos)

I have a rounded face. I would like 2 slim the bottom part of my face. I don't have fat in my neck or under my chin as I've had liposuctioned. I had a... READ MORE

I have a lump on the right side of my neck? (photo)

It is almost perfectly circular and right above it is another small "ball" the size of a chick pea. They are both underneath the skin and the bigger... READ MORE

Are There Any Implants to Fill Deep Holes in Both Sides of my Front Neck?

I have a muscle wasting condition of the shoulders which has caused very deep hollows in both sides of my front neck. Are there any permanent inplants... READ MORE

Why do I experience tingling and numbness in my face, hands, neck and abdomen?

The ones I get in my abdomen,are really intense/ bothersome tingling numbness crampy sensation which can climb up my neck.It’s awful. It has h... READ MORE

Can plastic surgery reduce neck muscles?

Ok i have a specific problem for a young girl. i lifted weights for a year and i became too muscular for a girl. i stopped training and kuscle... READ MORE

What is wrong with my features? I feel like I look different to most people. I also have high shoulders and a thick neck (Photo)

People have said my eyes are far apart, but when I measure them they seem proper for my nose. Something does look off though. Also I have a thick neck... READ MORE

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