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Taking NSAIDs Post-op

I was told to avoid NSAID's during the post-op period. Were they referring to the immediate post-op period or is it okay to take them weeks after the... READ MORE

Will I Have to Stop Taking my Lorazepam Prescription Before my Plastic Surgery Procedures?

I have been taking lorazepam for awhile now for anxiety. I know I will have bad withdrawals if I stop. I know they prescribe it before procedures.... READ MORE

Cosmetic Surgery Safe While on Lexapro?

I take 10mg of Lexapro daily. Is is safe to have cosmetic surgery while on Lexapro? READ MORE

What Should I Stop Taking Before Plastic Surgery?

My surgeon told me I needed to stop taking birth control 2 weeks before my surgery due to blood clots. What else should I stop taking and how long... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery Not Possible for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis?

I am considering cosmetic surgery but have rheumatoid arthritis and take a cocktail of drugs. Would this prevent me having any plastic surgery? READ MORE

Medication to Reduce Fluid Build Up After Plastic Surgery?

Is there any medication I can take to help reduce fluid build up after plastic surgery? Over the counter would be ideal. READ MORE

Can Plastic Surgeon Prescribe Diazepam Months or Weeks Before a Procedure?

I am wondering if it is possible to be prescribed an sedative months or atleast weeks prior to a plastic surgery procedure. I feel I cannot go through... READ MORE

Are The Any Options For Treating Anxiety Before Surgery?

I have wanted breast implants since I was 18 but decided to wait until after I was done having children. I am now 28 and have breast fed my 2 children... READ MORE

Should Prescription Drug Advertising on TV Be Banned?

We're working on a story about a recent push by lawmakers to get direct-to-consumer prescription ads banned from TV, or at least much more tightly... READ MORE

Fluocinonide 0.05% Solution and a Surgery Coming Up?

I'm going to have a plastic surgery soon, within a 3 weeks. I went to a dermatologist and she prescribed me Fluocinonide 0.05% Solution for some... READ MORE

"Overmedicating" During Surgery

I have been online doing much research and the majority of deaths from surgery had to do with administering too much pain medication, sedation,... READ MORE

If I have schizophrenia and ocd, can I still get plastic surgery if I'm on medication to treat it?

I have struggled with these two issue since I was a young child, just hoping it wont get in the way of this. I know it may see like a silly question... READ MORE

l have an anxiety disorder is it safe to get surgery? I have a few things I deal with listed below

My medical health issues are: Anxiety/depression (but i dont take the depression meds anymore been almost 3 years, however i do tke my anxiety... READ MORE

Is ok to take mefloquine malaria tablets and still do plastic surgery?

I been to my family doctors to find out if I have to take any tablet to prevent catching any thing in Dominican Republic... So I had to take some... READ MORE

What is the Blue Pill the Doctor Gives You Before Surgery?

I've read in many reviews the doctor gives you a blue pill while they mark up your body .... What does it do and what is it called?!! (BBL) READ MORE

Pre- and Post-Surgery Medications

I bought the products below for Pre n Post op ,in hopes of getting a faster recovery. I am afraid that some might interact with one another or worse ,... READ MORE

Is it okay to have Marijuana in system and general anesthesia in 11 days?❌❌❌❌

Ok so i know that u can't smoke anything at least 2 weeks or so before general anesthesia (BBL/LiPO) I stopped smoking marijuana (NOT NICOTINE)) 3... READ MORE

Why is It So Hard to Find a Doctor to Prescribe Me the Meds I Need for my Surgery?

I am going out of country for my surgery, I know that most US doctors don't agree with, but we do have the right to our oppinion. If I don't find a... READ MORE

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