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Plastic Surgery Safe While Pregnant?

Im in my 4th month of pregnanacy, can i remove my breast implant while i'm pregnant, or while breast feeding? and is it safe to have lip reduction... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Gaunt Lower Face and Sunken Cheeks?

I am 30 years old and I have high cheekbones. Unfortunately I had three teeth removed for orthodontic purposes. As a result, my face has become gaunt... READ MORE

Surgery to Correct Facial Asymmetry Caused by Bell's Palsy?

When I was born, the doctor paralysed my face with forceps. I had Bell's palsy for over a month and as a result, my face is now very asymmetrical. One... READ MORE

Surgical Procedure That Can Make a Mouth Less Wide?

Is there a surgical procedure for making the mouth less wide (horizontally)? I know a lip reduction reduces the lip vertically, so to speak, but if... READ MORE

Price for Multiple Surgeries?

Nose job, lip reduction, chin implant, eyelid surgery, forehead reduction by an inch--How much would all of these procedures cost?  READ MORE

Is It Possible to Shorten the Philtrum by 1 to 2mm?

If so, does it dramatically change the initial form of the lips and philtrum? I am happy with the shape of these features, I just think the space... READ MORE

Long Philtrum - Any Treatments Available?

HI I would like to know if theres anything to do about to long philtrum? the space between my upper lip and nose in huge - 2cm and this really upsets... READ MORE

Makeover Recommendations for the Face?

If I was your patient, what would you do to improve my looks? Carte Blanche. If you can, please give me two options (with average cost of the... READ MORE

How to Change the Full Lip Shape and Frown Appearance?

Hi, I would like to change the appearance of my full lips that frown down. Also, my chin that is not smooth and has a round 'ball' look in the... READ MORE

Cost of Combining Breast Lift with Implants and Lip Augmentation Surgeries?

I've been trying to estimate the cost of the procedures I want to have done, which are a breast lift with implants and lip augmentation surgery using... READ MORE

Sub-malar & Nasolabial Augmentation Improving Fatique Look?

I have depression around mid-face, it makes me look fatigue. So in order to improve this with sub malar & nasolabial augment using medpor will... READ MORE

Is Moving Lips a Centimeter Upwards Possible?

Is there any way to move two lips something about 1 centimeter higher than now? READ MORE

Male Makeover - Order of Procedures?

I'm going to get the following procedures in May. Buccal fat ( 50% extraction), Chin implant, lipo under chin, slight lip reduction, Cheek... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery for Stiff Lump on Lower Lip Down to Chin?

Due to a recent car crash, I had a stiff lump on part of my lower lip down to the chin. It makes speaking, eating, and drinking a bit difficult... READ MORE

Quickest and Most Effective Solution for Dark Lips from Smoking?

I am a smoker and my lips are dark. How do I turn them pink in a short period of time? I'm looking for the quickest and most efficient method that... READ MORE

A cut to my lip that was stitched recently reopened, will I need to get it stitched up again?

I got in this altercation with another intoxicated person and he sucker punched me. Left me with a broken tooth and a bad cut on my lip. Went in and... READ MORE

How Can I Look Like Barbie?

Hi I was wondering whether there are any doctors who can make me look like a barbie doll?! I would imagine it would require a nose job, lip injections... READ MORE

Surgery to Make Eyes Lips and Butt Bigger?

I am wanting to make my eyes and lips bigger as I am not happy with my appearance as well would like to a butt implant if that's possible a friend of... READ MORE

What advancements can we expect in the field of cosmetic surgery within the next 10 years (photos)

Will face scanners assist in achieving desired results? Will there be better and more precise options for lip augmentation? Such as making lips wider... READ MORE

Plastic surgeon and Orthognatic surgeon consult desperately needed. (Photos)

Had jaw surgery 3 wks ago (5mm advanced and 5 lowered) pls see my b4photos 2 y ago on RS.Now my entire face is crooked and I fear Ive ruined my life... READ MORE

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