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Is There a Surgery That Can Get Rid of Stubby Legs?

...and make them look thin,longer,leaner? what surgeries are there? are they dangerous and are they painful? my thighs and calves are thick, i... READ MORE

What Can I Do About my Skinny Legs?

Hi there. What can I do about my skinny legs? They are so abnormally thin. I can not wear any trousers without putting two pairs on. I always feel as... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery to Fix Bowed Legs?

How can I make my legs straight and attractive in shape? Is there a plastic surgery procedure for this? How much is the cost? READ MORE

How Much Does It Usually Cost to Correct Skinny Legs?

Am 26 year old and I have been very ashamed of my legs my whole life. Based on your answers this can be fixed. I want to know how much will it cost. ... READ MORE

I have very ugly legs with yams at the back and big feet. Can they be fixed? (Photo)

I have very ugly legs. My husband hates them too and they have affected my self esteem really badly. I'm a woman with legs like a man, can they be... READ MORE

Procedures to Correct Thick Legs?

I have "meaty legs"(my legs look like mischa bartons legs), my legs are big compared to the rest of my body and I have a pear shape so no... READ MORE

Plastic Surgery for Potential Abnormality Present in my Leg Bones?

I have noticed over the past year that my legs are not straight. The main break in their line appears at the knee joint. I should mention that my... READ MORE

What can be done to make the area between the calf and ankle thicker? (Photo)

I was born with clubfoot in both feet and have had multiple surgeries to correct that while I was a kid. I am now 22 and walk fairly normal. I am 6'0... READ MORE

What's the best procedure to correct leg asymmetry? (Photo)

I was born this way with one leg significantly bigger than the other. What surgery can be done to even this out. It feels uncomfortable wearing... READ MORE

What Are the Best Procedures to Fix Excess Skin on the Legs and Stomach?

I have lost 175lbs. After three years of trying everything I cannot get rid of the excess skin I am facing. As a male, walking around with excess skin... READ MORE

Will my leg look normal after lengthening surgeries?

I was born with a shorter leg and I've had 6 surgeries tor and 2 lengthening surgeries its almost is the same length as my right leg but it does not... READ MORE

Is it possible to have my leg shorten to reduce height?

I am a tall woman (5'11), 20 yrs old and I have wished I was at least a couple inches shorter since I was a kid. Osteotomy (leg shortening) is done... READ MORE

Can Leg Lengthening Get Rid of Cankles and Thick Knees?

Im not planning on having leg lengthening or anything, i just always hear people complaining about cankles or thick knees cause of their bone stucture... READ MORE

My Legs Bent Inward in Patella and Immediately Bent Outwards, is There Any Treatment to Make It More Straight. Why This Happens?

People laugh seeing my legs, feel so embarrassing when they imitate and walk benting their leg like mine. my age is 29 now, is there any way to... READ MORE

Lengthen Legs Without Surgery?

Is it possible to stretch your legs by about 3 to 4 cms? Im only 16 by now so i guess there could be hope for me. are there any stretching... READ MORE

Muscle removed from leg after accident: Is there any plastic surgery for legs to look normal?

Two years back i met with an accident and surgery has done to my left leg for fracture. Doctor removed some muscle from my leg and he grafted the left... READ MORE

Is There a Procedure for Leg Shortening?

I more than positive my left leg is slightly longer(1 cm to an inch) than the other. This has made my hips uneven and is altering my shoulder balance.... READ MORE

Procedure to Remove Lumpy Skin on Back of Legs?

I don't have excess fat on the back of my legs, I just have very lumpy skin. I weight train but have not been able to get rid of it. Is there a... READ MORE

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