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Plastic Surgery for the Knees

I work out all the time and have for many years. I am 50 yrs. old and am blessed that I don't look it. I had knee surgery for ortho purposes which... READ MORE

What is a Knee Lift?

Hi, what do you know of a knee lift procedure? My knees are a bit saggy after liposuction procedure 10 years ago. I am not overweight and I do work... READ MORE

Is there any surgery that can fix knocking knees? (Photo)

Is it possible to get a surgery and have normal legs because am even embarrassed to wear skinny jeans and if so how much can it be? READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon Recommendations at Mass General Hospital?

Can anyone please recommend me a plastic surgeon in Mass General Hosppital? I'm interested in Vasor Liposuction for a large area! I want lipo for the... READ MORE

How do you fix squinting patella? (Photo)

My knees are turned far inward and my femurs a bowing outward. i've been told there's nothing i can do except surgery, therapy, or exercises. is there... READ MORE

Is There Any Type of Surgery for Ashy Knees?

I have really ashy knees and elbows. it's so bad that i never wear shorts. is there anything i can do to help this problem? thanks -el READ MORE

Travelling Abroad to the Tropics Before Vacation?

Im 69 years of age and am having reconstructive surgery to my knees in July. I need to travel abroad to India for 2-3 weeks, but will be returning 30... READ MORE

Knee Lift After Thigh Lift: Am I A Candidate?

I have lost 90 ponds and have excess skin especially on my legs. About 1 year ago I had a thigh lift but my knees now have creases in them and loose... READ MORE

Extra bone in knee sticks out? (photos)

I tore my ACL about 10 years ago. Had surgery. Now on the same knee I have a weird bone that protrudes and is very noticeable when I bend my leg. I... READ MORE

Knee Lift Scar Location

I have had a thigh lift and now me knees look very saggy and they have a crease in them like an elderly women may have, im 26, could the scar of a... READ MORE

Can Leg Lengthening Get Rid of Cankles and Thick Knees?

Im not planning on having leg lengthening or anything, i just always hear people complaining about cankles or thick knees cause of their bone stucture... READ MORE

I Have Very Large, Bony Knees. They Protrude Sideward and Look So Disturbing?

Is there a procedure that can shave or trim the bone out to make my knees look more normal? READ MORE

Do I have knock knees? (photo)

My knees bump each other whenever I walk and it's not painful it's uncomfortable. Would I need surgery for this? READ MORE

Hard mass looks like extra bone in the knee as in photo. She says it hurt sometimes. Is there is any treatment for that? (Photo)

MY daughter have Hard mass looks like extra bone in her knee as in the photo. She says it hurt sometimes. Is there is a treatment for that? READ MORE

There is any way to correct knocking knees? (photos)

I'm 24 years old... do I need any surgery or treatment to correct my knock knees READ MORE

I have knocked knees. Is there a surgery I can have to get rid of it?

Not overly severe case, but would like to get rid of it. READ MORE

I need to know about the cost of plastic surgery for burnt thigh and knee. (Photo)

Hi, I was burnt from milk in my childhood about 22 years ago. My left thigh, right knee was burnt. I really feel offended many a times. Kindly tell me... READ MORE

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