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Facial Restructuring Possible and Realistic?

I'm Asian and I'm not happy with my face and I want it to be restructured. I want to have a better jaw contouring and facial balance, and more... READ MORE

Cosmetic Procedure for Crooked Jaw and Nose?

What procedure would I need to fix my crooked jaw and crooked nose? It does not cause me breathing problems. READ MORE

Cost and Healing for Plastic Surgery to Change Facial Structure?

How is changing of the facial bone structure though plastic surgery done? Can surgery change your jaw, and cheek bones? Also how much would it cost... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Way to Improve Facial Symmetry?

What procedure would be best for improving the symmetry in the lower half of my face (jaw, chin, etc.)? Preferably just one procedure. READ MORE

Hydroxyapatite Granuals Mandibular Angle Implant Risks?

I am looking into augmenting my jaw using hydroxyapatite granuals. What are the risks associated with using this material? It seems a more custom... READ MORE

Masseter Asymmetry

Hi, I'm 21 and my jawline has a noticeable asymmetry due to one masseter muscle being significantly larger than the other. Is there any simple way... READ MORE

Can Jaw Implants Create a Longer Face?

I have a very round face with very flat features. I've been thinking about mandibular implants. I do not want a wider face, but a longer one. I'm... READ MORE

Can Jaw Shaving Make the Face Look Longer and Thinner

In general can jaw shaving make the face look less wide and more longer/slimmer READ MORE

Risks of Jaw Enhancement?

I am interested in getting rhinoplasty surgery done. Most surgeons that I have seen try to convince me to bring my jaw forward as well as to refine... READ MORE

Doctors' Feedback on Jaw Shaving?

Do any doctors have feedback on jaw shaving? I am looking into it as it would be the only solution to making my jawline more femimine. How bad is the... READ MORE

Sub-malar & Nasolabial Augmentation Improving Fatique Look?

I have depression around mid-face, it makes me look fatigue. So in order to improve this with sub malar & nasolabial augment using medpor will... READ MORE

Risks of Mandible Implant Removal

I had a mandible implant done 15 months ago and I feel that my profile has not improved and I've compromised the way I look from the front view. I... READ MORE

Reversal Underbite Surgery - Need Help

Hi All, I had surgery 2 correct my slight undrbite problm exactly a year ago, Bt im still unhappy. I used to like my prominent jaw, i had told my Dr.... READ MORE

I'm interested in having a blepharoplasty, Rhinoplasty, jaw, and Lipo. What order would you recommend to get procedures done?

I'm interested in having a blepharoplasty, a tip rhinoplasty, some softening of my square jaw done (not sure what yet), and some flank/upper back... READ MORE

What Can Be Done to Reverse Damage from Bruxism?

This morning after waking up with a sore jaw, I took a look at my top teeth and noticed that they have shifted to the right after years of having... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce and Reshape Your Jaw and Chin

The bottom of my jaw and chin are quite long and wide is it possible to reshape and reduce them READ MORE

Facial Asymmetry

I was just wondering if there is a way to fix my jaw without invasive surgery? and if a chin implant will be able to camouflage it? i did have surgery... READ MORE

Bone-related Plastic Surgery Procedures- What Are the Risks?

Are 2 bone-related plastic surgery (Jaw surgery & Jaw reduction surgery) too much? Would they result in a serious side effect now/in the future?... READ MORE

How long until 3D printed real bones are used for cosmetic purposes?

I've asked around and have been told we are "years" away from that. Nonetheless, I can't imagine it being more than 10 years. Considering how fast... READ MORE

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