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Recommended Surgeries for a Trans-woman to Attain an Hourglass Figure?

So I am a skinny trans girl that is looking to change my body into a more female shape. I am looking at butt implants for a better butt and hip... READ MORE

Is there any procedure for a smaller waist when you are already very thin?

Hello, I am a 21 year old girl with 2 children. I do not plan on having anymore kids. I love to workout and I am in great shape, however before my... READ MORE

What Should I Do to Get an Hourglass Figure?

I already have a 44dd n i want a smaller size bra not cup size... i weigh just under 270 and im 68inches i have no ass and cellulite everywhere and... READ MORE

Can a skinny girl with square body shape get an hour glass body shape with surgery?

Im a skinny 18 years of girl with a square body And my hola is to hace an hour Glass body, is this possible and if yes how much gain do I have to gain... READ MORE

Can I get a hourglass figure by surgery? What's the best minimally invasive procedure for my desired results?

Hi, I am an apple shape looking for an extreme hourglass figure and total waist reduction of 6 inches. I am well fulfilled in the chest with average... READ MORE

Hip implants an option for naturally thin female with little body fat?

I have very little body fat but am interested in a more hourglass shaped figure for my front profile. My waist hip area lacks curves looks boyish.... READ MORE

Is rib removal of the ribs on the very bottom safe?

If the very bottom ribs are vital to the structure of my body I absolutely would not want them removed. Health is far more important than beauty. I do... READ MORE

Male with feminine hourglass body shape --- can (implant) surgery help increase waist to hip ratio?

Being biologically male, I have 'womanly' hips due to wide pelvic bones (not due to fat; I am quite skinny). I have been in much anguish as a result.... READ MORE

Best Surgical Procedures for an Apple Shaped Body?

I have 36c breasts, 34 inch waist (huge stomach) and 35 inch hips, and skinny ankles. I feel like an upside down carrot. I've never had a narrow... READ MORE

Will wide hips and skinny waist go away with age? I'm a 16 year old guy

I have wide hips and skinny waist like a girl and its really embarrassing.I'm really skinny but I still have a hour glass shaped body please help! READ MORE

Can cosmetic hips implants give an inverted triangle body shape an hourglass figure? (Photo)

I was wondering : can cosmetic hips implants give an inverted triangle body shape an hourglass figure (according to the pictures I posted & in... READ MORE

Is it dangerous to get ribs removed? (photo)

I've heard of people who have gotten ribs removed to have a slimmer waist and more of an hourglass figure. Since your ribs protect your organs is this... READ MORE

Are there any doctors on the east coast that are skilled and experienced in custom thigh implants?

Seeing as I have three small children, traveling to the west coast for a cosmetic surgery isn't practical for me. However, I desperately want bigger... READ MORE

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