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How Does Smoking Affect Healing and Scarring After Plastic Surgery?

I'm a smoker. They (any facial surgeon) say you MUST quit smoking 2-6 weeks before and I'm having a real problem. I went from 20 to 24 cigs. a day... READ MORE

Numbness After Scalp Injury

I injured my scalp a little over a month ago. It was cut to the bone from about 1 inch above one ear across the top to 2 inches above the other ear. I... READ MORE

E-Cigarettes and Plastic Surgery

There is plenty of information showing that smoking before and after plastic surgery can impact healing, and most surgeons won't even operate on... READ MORE

Cost and Healing for Plastic Surgery to Change Facial Structure?

How is changing of the facial bone structure though plastic surgery done? Can surgery change your jaw, and cheek bones? Also how much would it cost... READ MORE

Do Arnica Montana and Bromelain Really Work for Healing After Surgery?

I see these things recomended as gospel post surgery all of the time, yet I know the supplement industry is not regulated and some people actually do... READ MORE

I had a wide excision of the left armpit. Plastic surgeon says it looks just fine. I don't think it does. Any advice? (photo)

On 10/2/14. My excision of the left armpit was done due to stage 3 hidradenitis suppurative. It was going to be a skin graft but he changed his... READ MORE

Scalp Incision Won't Heal - is the Hydroxyapatite Implant Infected?

3 months ago i had cranioplasty revision to smooth a Hydroxyapatite implant. There is now a 5 inch area along the incision with sores that will not... READ MORE

Why Isn't Acell Regenerative Medicine More Popular?

So, Acell's regenerative medicine has been proven to grow back fingers that have been cut off. It's available to consumers through... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Rihanna's Facial Bone Structure Thru Surgery?

If so, how much would it cost and how much time would it take to heal? Can I also get the shape of her eyes? Will it have anything with my eyelashes? READ MORE

Incision won't heal 3 months post surgery. What is wrong? (Photo)

I had problem with fluid build up 6 weeks after surgery. Now 3 months later, the incision open up again and there is discharge. What is wrong? READ MORE

Skin Craft for Wound?

I have has a skin craft on my calve muscle due to having surgery for compartment syndrome and having a blood clot in calve resulting in having a large... READ MORE

Are there height reduction surgery or other ways how to get shorter?

I'm a 5'9 tall girl and it's really getting me down. I feel like I'm towering almost everybody I meet. I've heard about height reduction surgery, so... READ MORE

How Do I Accelerate Adult Circumcision

I am scheduled for adult circumcision surgery next month. What can i do or eat to speed up the healing? READ MORE

Tips Do You to Reduce Swelling and Speed Up Recovery

I've heard that pineapple juice, or fresh pineapple and lots of water help, less salt (not sure how much that means) and that exercise can... READ MORE

How can I help a traumatized nail bed to heal? (photos)

I smashed my finger two months ago (broken, required a few stitches) and am wondering if/when I can expect the nail bed to return to normal. Is there... READ MORE

Is Colostrum Good for Healing After Surgery?

I wanted to know if any doctor heard that colostrum is good for healing after surgery, and if so what your intake? READ MORE

Hematoma on Right Glute?

I suffered a golf cart accident where the golf cart landed on my right gluteus and resulted in a hematoma in the area. That was 6 weeks ago. I've... READ MORE

Can marijuana affect the healing of a skin graft?

I just had some 2nd and 3rd degree burns to my right leg and have gotten skin grafts. I've been in the hospital for a couple of days now and I've had... READ MORE

Due to phimosis I had a circumcision 17 days ago. Should I try to clean off the dry blood?

Underneath where the frenulum was there is a small bit of skin not fully attached. It bleeds slightly and now there is a build up of dry blood... READ MORE

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