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Treatment for High Hairline and Big Forehead?

I have a square-shaped face and my hairline is a bit backwards. It makes my forehead look big. I'm really conscious about it and is there anyway to... READ MORE

Large Vein Going Down Center of my Forehead

I'm 25 and for the last two years this vein becomes apparent when I smile and it runs down the center of my forehead and is very unattractive. I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change Forehead Shape from Pointed to Flat?

If your forehead is pointed, is there any way to reduce it so it is flat? READ MORE

Is There a Surgery to Make the Forehead Larger

I have a really small forehead my eyebrows and hairline are pretty close is it possible to have a larger forehead? should i just get laser hair... READ MORE

Recommended Method for Forehead Augmentation?

What are the advantages of silicone implant over fat graft for forehead recommendation? Are the results worth the scar? Will hair loss occur? What is... READ MORE

Price for Multiple Surgeries?

Nose job, lip reduction, chin implant, eyelid surgery, forehead reduction by an inch--How much would all of these procedures cost?  READ MORE

Cost and Recovery to Expect for Multiple Cosmetic Procedures?

After reading the People Magazine article about the girl from "The Hills", I think I might be able to have some improvement without looking... READ MORE

Glabella Reduction?

Can the frontal bone or forehead be shaved down the area between my brows to make it flatter? My forehead used to be flat and wider, and now it seems... READ MORE

Cranioplastic PLUS Oculoplastic Surgery?

What kind of surgeon specializes in BOTH the brow bone/orbital rim as well as the actual eyes & eyelids? My understanding is that cranioplastic... READ MORE

Reduction Surgery for the Sides of Forehead?

I don't mind my forehead from the front; however from the side it sticks out, rather than having a smooth line. Is there a procedure to fix this? READ MORE

I Need Help Finding a Good Surgeon Please!!!

I need help finding a Good surgeon or opthamologist who is known for operating on lazy eye and the forehead region, the person had not been born with... READ MORE

Bump on forehead. I really want it gone (Photo)

Hi all doctors. I'm a 18 yr male from Toronto Canada. recently I have felt a bump on my forehead right in the middle. It doesn't stick out but you can... READ MORE

My 20 month old child bumped his head 2 weeks ago. Does he need sutures or repair? (photo)

My 20 months old boy bumped his head with the edge of the wall 2 weeks ago ,we went to the er and they glued the wound yesterday the steristrips fell... READ MORE

Small Forehead

Hi. I have small forehead due to hair and would like to enlarge it. Are there any ways to do it except for doing surgery? For example, laser hair... READ MORE

Hematoma on Forehead, Should I see Surgeon?

I am a 34 year old female. Last night while letting the dogs back into the house, the door slammed into my forehead and I immediately developed a golf... READ MORE

Forehead bump (most probably osteopath cause by head trauma) removal, UK?

Need a surgeon in the UK who can identify and remove the forehead bump I've had for about 12 years since I hit my head as a child. I don't even know... READ MORE

Can temple/forehead surgery create a more masculine look?

I was wondering as a male is there anyway of augmenting the forhead and especially temples to create a bony masculine sqaure upper head. ive had jaw... READ MORE

I am asking for reshape my forehead and skull. Any suggestions? (photo)

I have very odd forehead and headshape bcoz of that i cant do any hairstyle so can i reshape it. READ MORE

I had a bump from a fall on cement i slipped and fell. Had Cosmetic Surgery once already. (photo)

I fell when i was 9. I had a huge bump i iced it that day and there was still a bump. Smaller than before. I had cs at 14. After i still had a bump.... READ MORE

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