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Financing Plastic Surgery: Monthly Payments?

Can I pay for breast implant, lip enhancement, and rhinoplasty surgeries on a monthly basis instead of paying for them all at the same time? I'm... READ MORE

Do All Doctors Accept Care Credit?

Do all doctors accept Care Credit?  What other types of financing are available for cosmetic surgery? READ MORE

Will my Insurance or HMO Cover Any of the Cost of Plastic Surgery?

Will my insurance or HMO cover any of the cost of plastic surgery? What are the criteria for a procedure to be covered? READ MORE

Who Pays for Plastic Surgery Mistakes?

If a surgeon admittingly makes a mistake, do they usually do repairs at no charge? Do they also cover the other fees such as anesthesia? READ MORE

How Does Plastic Surgery Financing Work?

I want to finance my surgery but would like to know if I have to put a certain amount down and then finance the remaining balance. I'm going to be... READ MORE

Is It Appropriate to Charge Patient's Credit Card Before Procedure?

Why did the doctor charge my credit card before I even had my procedure? READ MORE

What Are Some Financing Options for Someone Who Has a Low Credit Score?

Low credit score or less than perfect credit partial financing options?? READ MORE

Do Personal Finance Programs Exist in Plastic Surgery?

I just underwent a horrible divorce where my credit was hit hard. A line of credit is out of the question. Are there any other options with the... READ MORE

Can I Finance a Surgery As a Non-US-citizen?

I'm German, but will be in the U.S for an internship this year. I was wondering, if it's possible for a non-American to have plastic surgery... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Sign Financial Responsibility Form Prior to Agreeing to Plastic Surgery?

The surgeon's office consultant said I wasn't agreeing to the surgery but I was signing to understand the terms of payment. The form stated... READ MORE

Care Credit Did Not Approve my Application. Are There Any Other Ways to Finance my Procedure?

My credit is not great but it's in the lower 700 range. What other popular cosmetic financing companies are out there? READ MORE

What's the best way to finance plastic surgery?

I've seen this question a lot but I haven't seen one that was answered recently. What are some reputable finance companies for cosmetic surgery? I... READ MORE

Can plastic surgery be paid for on a loan?

If I do not have $10k in my pocket but will pay the deposit and sign a contract, can I get a procedure done then set up a monthly payment plan for for... READ MORE

Will I need a high income or a better job to be able to make finances on plastic surgery?

I plan on getting plastic surgery, but I would rather get it now and make monthly payments on it rather then wait till i have the amount of money.... READ MORE

Barter or Non-traditional Finance Options?

Good day! I want to discuss non-traditional funding options. My aim is to achieve my desired cosmetic surgery procedures via barter, non-traditional... READ MORE

Want to Have Some Plastic Surgery Done but I Have Bad Credit, Is There Any Doctor That Offers in House Financing, Payment Plan?

I Want to Have Some Plastic Surgery Done but I Have Bad Credit, Is There Any Doctor That Offers in House Financing, Payment Plan? READ MORE

Benefits of Putting Plastic Surgery on a Credit Card?

I know this question seems more geared towards a Patient Coordinator, but I have a very low interest rate credit card I can put my entire surgical... READ MORE

Is there any cosmetic surgeons in Dominican Republic that offer financing?

I have been approved for a certain amount through united medical credit and I am looking to do surgery in Dominican Republic! READ MORE

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